10 Fall Design Trends, According to Experts

Design can sometimes change with the seasons. This fall, we are hearing about numerous ways to enhance your space using everything from bronze accents to creating a luxury experience in your bedroom. Read on to check out 10 things to look out for (and try!) this fall:

575 Fourth Avenue

1. Use Neutral Color Tones and Light Woods

“We recommend mixing neutral color tones, light woods and mixed metals to diversify the space. At 575 Fourth Avenue, we designed the residences with accents of brass, complimentary metals and shines and chose furniture with woven fabrics and rich, deeper solid colors such as blues, sapphires and greens.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group

Grand McCarren

2. Create Spaces within Spaces

“We like to take an industrial modern polished concrete floor mixed with inlay hand painted tiles to create a separate conversational area within a room. This allows for different furniture layouts that seem more intimate and purposeful. In the Grand McCarren lobby, we mixed industrial polished concrete with grey and white hand painted tiles.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group

3. Views will Dictate Floorplans and Material Selections

“Views will dictate floorplans and material selections for luxury residential projects, such as luxury Manhattan condominium 277 Fifth Avenue, where Beers integrated open layouts and window frames with subdued stones and metal finishes that create visual harmony and naturally draw the viewer’s eye to views.” – Jeffrey Beers, Founder and Principal of Jeffrey Beers International

4. Use Bronze Accents

“Bronze accents will appear in many residential projects, such as luxury condominium Skyline Tower, whereinteriors feature brushed bronze as a primary accent in the form of furniture, plumbing and more, to give homes a fresh, modern feel without the color becoming too overwhelming.”- The Full Team, Whitehall Interiors

5. Make your Bedroom Feel like a Five-Star Hotel Suite

“Adding accent pieces like a loveseat, sofa, daybed or upholstered chairs in light or neutral colors not only make your bedroom more inviting, but create the illusion of a posh hotel suite. You can achieve this by layering elements that provide comfort and style such as two upholstered chairs to add a balance of comfort, style and functionality.”- Adriana Hoyos of Adriana Hoyos Furnishings

6. Re-Use the Old Bones in New Ways
“In our adaptive reuse projects, we like to celebrate existing elements and old bones that have a lot of history. The original details of projects connect the history of the project with its next chapter. At Mason Fisk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we carefully stripped all the paint from every cast iron bracket and sand blasted the heart pine columns to uncover the beauty of the old growth timber underneath.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group

7. Think Dramatic Openings

“In line with the desire to be connected to nature through biophilic design, consumers are seeking larger, more dramatic openings in the façade of their homes. Recent Troon projects like Residence 2646 incorporate ample glass into the façade, as well as window systems that disappear entirely into the walls to maximize natural light, fresh air and unobstructed views.”- Gregory Malin, CEO and founder of Troon Pacific

8. Incorporate Art

“Statement art pieces that also serve a function in the home will become more popular. At our recent project, Residence 2646, we incorporated hand-carved wood paneling and a modern Il Pezzo Mancante “The Missing Piece” chandelier for this purpose.”- Gregory Malin, CEO and founder of Troon Pacific

9. Bring the Inside Out

“Bringing the inside out – Rather than bringing the outside in, there will be an increase in traditionally indoor living spaces migrating outside. Evolving from the more typical outdoor kitchen, outdoor living rooms like the one at Residence 2646 in SF are increasing in popularity, including elements like heated exterior couches, firepits, outdoor theaters and dining areas.”- Gregory Malin, CEO and founder of Troon Pacific

10. Mix Stones

“To create a bold yet refine look when designing a bathroom, we mixed limestone and honed marble in a chevron pattern. At the guest bath at 21 Powers in Brooklyn we created this timeless look that is subtle but has movement.” – Adam Meshberg, Founder and Principal of Meshberg Group