10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy in the Hamptons

Thinking about buying in the Hamptons? We have you covered with a rundown of what you should be asking yourself before you buy Before you take the real estate plunge, be sure to know what you're looking for and what you're looking at. 

1. Where and what can I buy in my price range? Be realistic about what you can afford.

2. What alterations or additions can I make to the property once I buy it?

3. What is the residence’s rental history?

4. What factors have determined the listing price?

5. Have any improvements or changes been made to the property, and do they meet code?

6. Does the home satisfy all my basic needs?

7. Do any historic factors preclude the home from being renovated or demolished?

8. Does it feel like home to me?

9. Is buying this house a safe investment? Resale value is key.

10. What is the home’s true value? Is it over- or underpriced, and if so, why?