13 Unexpected Materials That Instantly Define Your Space

Innovative and daring, these unique wallcoverings take spaces from mundane to mesmerizing.
01maya Romanoff Ajiro Chevron Ebony Luster Bedroom 1080

Maya Romanoff’s Ajiro Chevron in Ebony Luster.

Forget simply hanging things on your walls to make a room stand out, think about the walls themselves. Too often just painted white or viewed as foundational, walls present an opportunity to add personality to your spaces. Your home can be daring, demure, or dramatic if you pick the right wallcoverings.

Maya Romanoff knows this well. For more than 50 years, the award-winning brand has been the largest producer of handcrafted wallcoverings in the United States. Finding beauty in the natural world, the family-owned and -operated company uses sustainable materials in unexpected ways to create extraordinary products, many of which are locally produced in their 40,000-square-foot state-of-the-art studio in Skokie, IL. Maya Romanoff is set to open their new Chicago flagship showroom under the same roof in late October. Now, they are sharing 13 surprising materials you can embrace to make your walls pop.

10maya Romanoff Water Hyacinth Square Resized 1080

Meet the brand’s latest launch, Water Hyacinth Parquet.

A leader in the wallcovering industry in the United States, people are always watching Maya Romanoff to see what they will do next. One thing is certain, their products will continue to captivate. It’s in the company’s mantra: “Make every wall beautiful!”

Cementing their impact, Maya and Joyce Romanoff were awarded The Museum of Arts and Design’s 2012 Visionaries Lifetime Award for their long-standing commitment to innovative wallcovering design and surfacing materials. The question is, what exciting materials will Maya Romanoff utilize next?

To learn more about the brand and see all their beautiful wallcoverings, visit mayaromanoff.com.