1970’s Style and Decadence Are Reborn in These New Collections

1970’s Style and Decadence Reborn in These New Collections

The 1970’s left its mark in everything from music to fashion to style that's recently seen a resurgence in the 2018 collection from Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy.

1970’s Style and Decadence Reborn in These New CollectionsThey recently selected the best elements from this iconic decade and infused them throughout the companies’ new homewares collections.

Offering a fresh take on 70’s opulence, the newest ethically sourced leather rugs and accessories from Art Hide feature rich jewel tones, reminiscent of the colors seen in era’s best ve star hotels and which hint of rock-star glam.

1970’s Style and Decadence Reborn in These New CollectionsNew styles Largo and Optico are inspired by bold wallpaper prints in teal and rich forest green hues. And some classic pieces get a modern update, such as the Estrella rug which boasts gold accents injected throughout its herringbone pattern in an ode to 70’s glam. Amigos de Hoy also brings elevated bohemian glamour to interiors with a new collection of hand-made and traditional artisan crafted pieces.

From gold to vintage oral-inspired prints and patterns to Moroccan influences and other 70’s references, the collection’s textile pieces delivers on both quality and style. This stunning collection was styled by Julia Green, of Greenhouse Interiors and photographed by Armelle Habib. Art Hide and Amigos de Hoy’s Collections are available now.