2014 CTC&G Innovation in Design Winners: Builder Recognition

Highlighting expert craftsmanship behind the architecture of three outstanding projects

2014 IDA Winner Builder Recognition: Prutting & Company Custom Builders

Winner: Prutting & Company Custom Builders

A mounting collection of contemporary art sparked an inspired vision for Old Greenwich clients looking to modernize their waterfront shingle-style house. Along with architect Joeb Moore + Partners, Prutting & Company Custom Builders was tasked with the mission of fostering synergy between the design of the home’s art, architecture and landscape. The three separate elements needed to coexist as one collective, complementary and interactive living experience within a multisensory environment. Capitalizing on the exquisite panoramic views of Greenwich Cove, the end result is an artistically complex masterpiece characterized by an air of effortless simplicity. 

According to David Prutting, co-owner of Prutting & Company along with wife Deborah, realizing that level of finesse and subtlety was the team’s biggest challenge. “There is a myriad of incredible details around the house—the main staircase, the front door—that perhaps might look simple. That’s the paradox of minimalism,” he says. “Less is more in terms of trim and overlay, yet to achieve that look of simplicity and make it look beautiful can be very challenging.” 

2014 IDA Winner Builder Recognition: The Henley Company

Innovator 2 The Henley Company

After inheriting a traditional Cape-style residence in Shippan Point, these homeowners sought to reimagine the home and make it their own. To give the house more contemporary zeal, they turned to The Henley Company. The talented team of builders collaborated with the couple and Robert A. Cardello Architects to execute a modern upgrade with a more open and polished design. One of the most striking elements of the completed project is the bridge that was developed in order to fluidly link the two wings of the house. 

The Henley Company also endeavored to take advantage of the breathtaking beach views by constructing an outdoor bar, fireplace and infinity pool. “The simple fact is that it’s a unique house. It’s definitely not your cookie-cutter Fairfield County Colonial,” says Brian Jendraszek, principal and president of The Henley Company. “The openness that they wanted, we achieved it. It’s a modern home that’s great for entertaining,
yet also great for everyday family life.” 

2014 IDA Winner Builder Recognition: Cornerstone Construction

Innovator 3 Cornerstone Construction

To turn back the clock and transport the homeowners straight to the Elizabethan era, Cornerstone Construction crafted a magnificent new English Tudor home designed by Douglas VanderHorn Architects. With all the comforts of a modern Greenwich residence in 2014, the architectural achievement is anchored by a stone base and blends a rich mixture of textures and materials. 

“Our vision was to build a family dream home and have it look like it had been there for years,” says Wendy Blume, director of project management for Cornerstone Construction. “The most challenging component was integrating all of the different materials such as custom brick and limestone, stucco and wood timbers to appear as if they are aged.” The graduated slate roof features stunning octagonal brick chimneys outside, while the plaster-patterned ceiling of the living room and wood-trussed ceiling of the family room maintain the English Tudor character within the interior. King Henry himself could not be more satisfied with such a timeless beauty.