2014 CTC&G Innovation in Design Winners: Innovative Product

CTC&G chooses products that embody innovative design

2014 IDA Winners for Innovative Product

1 Resource Furniture’s Stealth Kitchen Modules cleverly conceal an entire kitchen (full-sized appliances, work surfaces and storage) into as little as six linear feet of cabinetry. Starting at $15,000, NYC, 212-753-2039. 

2 Winner: Technogel’s luxury mattress line, Vive, utilizes cutting-edge gel technology that provides proper spinal alignment, pressure relief and thermal regulation by pairing layers of its exclusive gel with premium foam and latex. The result is a sumptuous night’s sleep. Queen mattress, approximately $7,000, through Design-Apart New York, 646-202-0116.

3 Kohler’s brilliant Night Light toilet seat allows you to use the bathroom at night without switching on a light, featuring a seven-hour LED guide light that illuminates the bowl when the lid is lifted. $67–$83, through Bender Plumbing, Norwalk, 203-847-3865.

4 Making strides in task lighting, the Kelvin LED Green II by Flos regulates light output by reacting to the surface it illuminates and going into sleep mode after five minutes of no movement, then turning off completely after two hours. $495, NYC, 212-941-4760.

5 Skram’s Corkdrop seating celebrates the innovative use of an unexpected material, utilizing solid density cork—accented with a walnut timber stripe—to create a shapely teardrop stool. $868.

1 Designer Johan Lindstén pays homage to the disastrous nuclear accident in Fukushima in his Meltdown lamp by Cappellini, reflecting the tragedy where the bulb appears to melt through the last defense of glass. $4,230, NYC, 212-966-0669.

2 A smart rounded base allows the Mushroom Outdoor lamp by Ligne Roset to spring back to life when knocked abruptly, rocking back and forth until it sits upright. $800, NYC, 212-253-5629.

3 Redefining a classic, this limited-edition LC4 CP chaise by Cassina reimagines an iconic design by designer Charlotte Perriand, whose works inspired the 2014 Louis Vuitton Icônes Collection. $8,000, NYC, 212-245-2121.

4 A new, ultra-compact surface, Dekton by Cosentino, is crafted from a mixture of inorganic raw materials that are compressed in a matter of hours, resulting in a high-performing material that is revolutionary. $58–$96 per square foot, through Quality Kitchens, Norwalk, 203-847-2720.

5 C2 Paint’s pioneering Cabinet & Trim paint utilizes Polywhey technology, an innovative formula that incorporates recycled dairy whey protein that is safe, earth-friendly and easy to apply. $90 per gallon, through Clearview Paint Supply, Flushing, NY, 718-747-5000.