2014 CTC&G Innovation in Design Winners: Landscape

2014 IDA Winner Landscape: Janice Parker Landscape Architects

Winner: Janice Parker Landscape Architects
Capturing the synergy between nature and hardscapes

A sculpture garden is a study in contrasts. One secret to this winning design is the careful balance between the hardscape and surrounding nature. “We wanted it to look like the flower garden was trying to escape from the very strong bones of the architecture,” says Janice Parker, “with nature being irrepressible!” 

Siting new elements—a poolhouse, pergola and pool—into the landscape was the main challenge, according to Parker. Her major concern was to protect the roots of the large trees that anchor the property, while “nestling in” the new features so it all felt effortless. The property already had a good sense of rhythm in the towering shade trees and gently rolling lay of the land. “Our job was to make the whole landscape dance,” she says.

Elements located by the front of the pool house are reduced to an essential bold geometry comprised of stone, lawn and gravel, with an elegantly minimalistic millstone fountain at the far end of the plot. Beside this formal parterre are billowing flower borders, and beyond that, a wilderness of winding woodland walks.

The poolhouse, a design of M Group, opens on the west to a pergola and infinity pool creating the effect of endless water as the pool blends into the reservoir on the horizon. The owner, a devoted gardener, loves native plants. Chartreuse foliage is a connecting link in the planting design, which features Rhus ‘Tiger Eyes,’ a variety of native sumac, and blowsy Deutzia ‘Chardonnay Pearls.’ Naturalized meadows lead to the reservoir.