2016 HC&G IDA Rules & Entry Checklist

Entries for the 2016 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards are now open!
The Call for Entries for the 2016 HC&G Innovation in Design Awards is now open!

We invite all professionals in the field of interior design, architecture, landscape design, garden design and product design to submit their most innovative projects in the Hamptons area. All entries must be submitted online by April 29. All projects are judged by an exclusive panel of judges. For more information on the HC&G IDAs please visit www.cottagesgardens.com/hcgidas

Entries will be accepted in the following categories:

Architecture | garden design | Kitchen design | Bath design | interior design | Product design | NEW: Small Spaces

Product Design Category

The Product Design award will go to one designer/manufacturer that incorporates creativity and innovation, whether that is a piece of furniture, lighting, ceramics, textiles, technology, appliances, automotive, etc. The winner will be selected by the HC&G Editors.

Product Design Reader's Choice winner will be selected by HC&G's online audience.

New: Small Spaces

We are pleased to announce a new category for 2016: Small Spaces. Applicants are invited to submit design projects that are comprised of 1,000 square feet in size or less. Examples include apartments, guesthouses and/or pool houses.

Eligibility Rules:

  • Only residential projects located in the Hamptons are eligible.

  • Same project may be entered into multiple categories for additional fee.

  • Projects cannot have been previously published in a shelter magazine.

  • Incomplete entries will be disqualified. Projects must be located in the Hamptons; all other projects will be disqualified.

  • Images submitted may be used for promotional purposes and may be broadcasted for up to one year but will not be shared with a 3rd party.

  • Images submitted may be published by C&G Media at no cost.

  • Please include the proper photographer’s credit information, along with the name and email address of the photographer, with the digital submission.


How To Enter:

All entries must be submitted online.

  1. New Users: Create your account.
    Returning Users: login to the entry portal

  2. Select the category you wish to enter

  3. Make sure to add: project name, contact details, company name and address

  4. Enter the description of the project

  5. Upload up to 10 high-resolution digital images that illustrate your project’s best features. State clearly whether it is the Entrant or the Photographer who owns the digital images and the Photography Rights for Editorial Reproduction.

  6. Upload signed homeowner’s release form

  7. Pay your entry fee

Enter now!



Regular Deadline: Friday, April 22

Late Deadline: Friday, April 29

$75 Regular Deadline

Additional $50 for late deadline



How are the entries judged? Our exclusive panel of judges includes key influencers in the design industry. Click here to view past judges.

Who is eligible to win an award? Any company/person who fulfills the requirements of the entry.

Where can I find the past winners of this program? View last year's winners of the program here.

Where and when will the reception be held? The winners will be celebrated at HC&G Innovation in Design Awards in July, location TBD.

How do I increase my chances of winning an award? Provide images which best showcase the project you are submitting. Make sure if you are submitting for architecture the images you are uploading are images showcasing architecture and not interior design.

When will I be notified about the status of my entry? All finalists will be notified about 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

Is this awards program affiliated with any industry organizations? The HC&G Innovation in Design Awards is an independent competition unaffiliated with any other organization. Your entries are held in strict confidence by the judges.

Will my project be featured in the IDA Issue? All finalists will be featured in the HC&G IDA issue.

What is the entry fee? The price of each primary entry is $75. There is a late entry surcharge of $50 per entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, call 203.227.1400 or email HC&G Advertising.

For questions, please call Agata at 203.956.9970 or email agawin@cottagesgardens.com 

For more information on the HC&G IDAs, please visit www.cottagesgardens.com/hcgidas