3 Gallery-Inspired Design Ideas for the Home

Art collections, and the way these are showcased in the home, can have a large impact on the space. Designers and homeowners need to consider not just the lighting, furniture and architectural details’ impact on the overall visual balance in the room, but also how the art plays into this balance. Andrew Sheinman, founder of award-winning design firm Pembrooke & Ives, shares the below three tips on how to achieve gallery-inspired design at home:

Gallery Large Scale Pieces

1. Make a Statement with Large Scale Pieces

Large scale artwork makes a grand statement. These pieces are an excellent way to impactfully fill a space while also making a room feel even larger than it may be.

3D Art Trends Pembroke and Ives Tips

2. Incorporate Sculpture

Art can be much more than what hangs on the walls; both sculptures and sculptural light fixtures can add dimension and serve as a focal point in a space, bringing a room to life.

Gallery Art inspiration

3. Create Gallery Walls In Unexpected Places

Gallery walls are an excellent way to display a beautiful series of art, but you don’t need a big, flat wall to achieve the look. Find unexpected walls or ways of creating these gallery effects, such as on this curved stair wall, where the photographs are hung in relation to the steps below.