32 Decorative Rugs in the Season's Coolest Hues

From the deep blue sea to subtle shades, from unique textures to tones from across the neutral palette, these rugs elevate the appeal of any room.
Decorative Rugs in Blue

Blue Beauties

From the deep blue sea to an expansive galaxy, these rugs seek inspiration from the natural world.

1. The background of Carini Lang’s Lorenzo is woven in wool, and the white outlines are in silk. Available in custom sizes and colors. Carini Lang, NYC, 646-613-0497.

2. Inspired by 18th-century Chinoiserie, the Conde rug by Ramy Fischler is from the Chinoiseries collection and nods to Tai Ping’s Chinese origins. Tai Ping, NYC, 646-292-5657.

3. The Shimmer rug in Mineral Blue has a soft hue that will warm up a room. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Greenwich, 203-661-4480.

4. British duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby designed Fishes, a children’s rug hand-knotted in Tibetan wool. The Rug Company (T), NYC, 212-644-9200.

5. This hand-knotted rug shows off an abstract pattern inspired by Morocco. Made of wool, hemp and matka silk. Rug-Art (T), D&D, NYC, 212-207-8211. 

6. Doris Leslie Blau’s Swedish reproduction is a hand-knotted, wool flat-weave rug. Doris Leslie Blau (T), D&D, NYC, 212-319-0800.

7. J.D. Staron’s wool and silk, cut-pile rug is from the Abstract collection. J.D. Staron (T), Stamford, 203-351-1130.

8. Elizabeth Eakins’s Gotland VI rug, a specialty weave from the Teff collection, has a linen warp and wool weft. Elizabeth Eakins (T), South Norwalk, 203-831-9347, NYC, 212-628-1950.


Decorative Rugs in Green

Green with Envy

From subtle shades to jewel tones, green makes its debut in a variety of designs.

1. From the Arts & Crafts collection, this wool rug pairs a bold green hue with shades of blue. #F333-2446, Orley Shabahang, NYC, 212-421-5800.

2. The geometric-designed Intaglio I rug from the Beacon Edition combines dull silk and Berber wool. Edward Fields (T), NYC, 212-310-0400.

3. Woven in Pakistan from textured hand-dyed wools, the Playa rug by Lapchi is shown in Lettuce. Lillian August, Norwalk, 203-847-3314.

4. This wool and silk rug from Safavieh’s Dream collection is hand-knotted in India. Safavieh, Stamford, 203-327-4800, NYC, 212-477-1234.

5. The Porto contemporary striped rug by Kerry Joyce breathes new life into a space. Mansour Modern (T), Los Angeles, 310-652-9999. 

6. Rows of blocks create the jazz-age theme of Art Deco. Carini Lang, NYC, 646-613-0497, http://carinilang.com.

7. The Marsden rug in Citron is made from 100-percent New Zealand wool with a cotton backing. Angela Adams (T), Portland, ME, 207-774-3523.

8. The vibrant, floral Fleury rug from the Missoni line has a retro feel. Stark Carpet (T), D&D, NYC, 212-752-9000, Norwalk, 203-899-1771.

9. Milton Glaser’s vibrant Wavering wool rug features a field of uneven stripes and color gradation. Design Within Reach, Stamford, 203-614-0787, Westport, 203-227-9707.


Decorative Rugs in Purple

Pretty in Purple

From whimsical patterns to unique textures, these rugs use the color purple in creative ways

1. A vibrant violet rug crafted in silk and wool by Rita Motta Perez captures the essence of effervescing bubbles. Tai Ping, NYC, 646-292-5657.

2. Purple makes its appearance in Brocade Emperor, a wool and bamboo silk rug from Tufenkian Carpets. Through Apadana Fine Rugs, Cos Cob, 203-422-0700.

3. Warp & Weft’s Straw Lavender rug is made from Himalayan wool. Warp & Weft (T), D&D, NYC, 212-546-0944. 

4. Edward Fields’ Slats Incredible I rug has a geometric pattern made from wool and dull silk in vastly rich colors. Edward Fields, NYC, 212-310-0400.

5. The Hippie Cow Cavallini patchwork whipstitch rug is handcrafted in Verona, Italy. Shown in Purple Sunset. Edelman Leather (T), D&D, NYC, 212-751-3339.

6. Hand-loomed in India, Madeline Weinrib’s cotton flatweave Miso carpet has graphic impact. Through ABC Carpet & Home, NYC, 212-473-3000.

7. Carmelina, designed by Suzanne Sharp, is a classic floral pattern with a contemporary twist. Made from hand-knotted Tibetan wool. The Rug Company (T), NYC, 212-644-9200.

8. The Lunar hand-loomed rug by Nourison for Calvin Klein has silk-like fibers and a velvety texture. Through Macy’s, Stamford, 203-964-1500.


Decorative Rugs in Neutrals

Neutral Territory

From nudes to beiges, tones from across the neutral palette bring a natural look to any room.

1. This modern rug from the Art Deco collection is made from wool and silk. #F727-4652, Orley Shabahang, NYC, 212-421-5800.

2. Tania Johnson Design’s Manhattan rug is influenced by her photography. Through ALT for Living, NYC, 212-431-1000.

3. Doris Leslie Blau’s contemporary Metal Blue Ombre rug is made of wool and metal. Doris Leslie Blau (T), D&D, NYC.

4. Katie Ridder’s Peacock Blue Diamond rug is handspun in New Zealand wool. Studio Four (T), NYC, 212-475-4414.

5. Alexander McQueen’s Monarch Smoke rug is hand-woven in silk. The Rug Company (T), NYC, 212-644-9200.

6. Fort Street Studio’s Segment rug is hand-knotted using luxurious, wild silk. Fort Street Studio (T), NYC, 212-925-5383.

7. The Spice design depicts a reinterpretation of star flowers. Rug-Art (T), D&D, NYC, 212-207-8211.

8. The Cowhide Tile rug by Ben Soleimani is hand-stitched by South American artisans. Restoration Hardware, Greenwich, 203-552-1040, Westport, 203-222-1027.

8. For an organic feel, the Swirls rug is made of undyed wool spiraled together. Patterson, Flynn & Martin (T), D&D, NYC, 212-688-7700.


A version of this article appeared in the  February 2014 issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens with the headline: Carpet Diem.