4 Designer Tips for a Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

Experts share their best advice for creating a spa-like space that makes a statement.
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Photograph by Julia D’Agostino | Design by Lawrence Levy

Your bathroom is the place where you recharge, escape, wind down, and take time for yourself. It’s an integral part of your daily routine—and the ideal space in which to add a little luxury.

A bathroom’s design elements are what take it from utilitarian to luxurious. To that end, the professionals at Connecticut-based Bender spoke with four designers—who have keen eyes and decades of experience—to gather their insider tips on how to create a space that meets your needs and provides a serene atmosphere for wellness.

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Designer Maryellen Sullivan created a bright foundation for this bathroom with marble hex as the flooring and classic subway tiles framing the space. Enhancing the clean look, Sullivan added fixtures such as a polished nickel faucet with black handles and a brass towel holder. For lighting, clear glass globes with polished nickel and black accents continue to add dimension. | Photograph by Maryellen Sullivan

Tip #1: Elevate a simple design with fixtures.

The tile in your bathroom is more difficult to change than the accessories. That’s why designer Maryellen Sullivan from Maryellen Sullivan Home recommends selecting timeless options for your space’s tile and stone and then integrating details to add interest.

“Selecting elements like faucets, fixtures, and lighting that are impactful and dramatic is key. These details are a big part of what create the bathroom’s overall style.”

For a luxurious feel, she recommends mixing metals and finishes in a strategic way. Choosing products that provide dimension, like an interesting mirror or black faucets and finishes in a white bathroom, can create a design that feels both modern and timeless.

“The little pieces are what make the whole room,” she says.

Tip #2: Create a spa-like shower experience.

For a truly luxurious bathroom experience, pay special attention to the shower. After all, this is the place that’s meant to energize you for the day ahead and soothe you in the evening.

Designer Jonathan Gordon from Design By The Jonathans recommends strategically placing multiple showerheads in the shower for a spa-like experience.

“Space showerheads properly so that there’s a reason for each one to exist in a location. Add a bench to your shower and place a handheld showerhead near it for rinsing off while you’re seated. Place a rain head like the Kohler Real Rain Showerhead near the bench to enjoy while you sit and relax. That showerhead forms droplets of all sizes to give the feeling of real rain—it feels incredibly relaxing.”

He also recommends integrating a large shower niche in the space so that you don’t feel as if your products are crammed together. “It’s nice to give your products a little breathing room,” he says.

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A white color palette allows vibrant blue tiles to be the star in this bathroom designed by Lawrence Levy. | Photograph by Julia D’Agostino

Tip #3: Choose one “wow” factor.

When considering your bathroom remodel, choose one element for the space’s “wow” factor. If there are too many, you risk making the space look overly busy, says Jen MacLauchlan, a Bender Showroom Consultant. With a decade of experience in decorative plumbing and tile, she knows how to help customers create bathrooms that feel rich in luxury.

“If you love a patterned floor tile, pair it with a solid wall so that the eye is drawn to the floor,” she says. “Or if you find a beautiful marble for the shower walls, keep the room’s color scheme simple so that the marble is the star of the room.”

Woodpro Ptw6021mpsmm 01 L

This WoodPro vanity offers a plethora of drawers to utilize while exuding warmth and elegance.

Tip #4: Consider the vanity.

A vanity without ample storage space may look beautiful, but it can feel less than luxurious. You want a place to store your products to keep the room looking—and feeling—fresh and clean.

“Consider the storage you’ll need for your vanity in particular,” recommends Dani Conway, a Bender Showroom Consultant. “This is key to your design process. There are lots of options for additional storage, but your style plays a role.”

For example, wall-hung vanities offer a modern and clean feel, but they allow for less storage than more traditional options. Integrating a medicine cabinet over the vanity also provides more storage in a chic way.

Conway also recommends choosing a classic color scheme for a timeless feel. “Finish the look with neutral colors so that it feels timeless and luxurious for a long time to come,” she says.

Woodpro P6tt2211pwmx Sg05 L

Your bathroom selections are key to ensuring that you can enjoy a moment of luxury—every single day.

Whether you’re facing new construction or a bathroom remodel, Bender Showroom Consultants are ready to help you create your ideal space. With decades of experience and a product selection like no other, Bender’s design experts will guide you toward a beautiful, luxurious space that you’ll enjoy for years.