4 Unique Gifts Made in Italy and Made for Fun

These refined games and artistic décor items can make the perfect present for even the pickiest person on your list.
4 Unique Gifts Made In Italy And Made For Fun Giorgetti Sl 90minuto 001 Wr

90° Minuto – Photograph by Sergio Chimenti

It’s that time of year when finding exciting gifts for loved ones practically becomes a sport. There’s an endless sea of options to sift through, but if you want to avoid hectic crowds and give sophisticated and fun presents, Giorgetti has you covered.

While the 123-year-old Italian brand is most famous for its forward-thinking furnishings, they offer luxury items for the full residential landscape—and it’s all made in Italy. This year, they introduced new creations to Giorgetti Atmosphere, a series of refined décor objects to elevate entertaining and leisure.

From a modern take on the classic foosball table to a handsome cigar box and more, the 2021 Giorgetti Atmosphere collection designed by Giancarlo Bosio and his creative team will keep the gift of fun alive all year.

1. Montecarlo Poker Set

There’s no need to have a poker face about how captivating this item is, it’s an obvious beauty. For that someone in your life who loves games, hosting, or artistic décor pieces, the Montecarlo Poker Set is just the right gift.

It’s made of solid Canaletto walnut and fumé methacrylate and topped by a lid engraved with a texture designed by Roberto Cambi. Opening the box, you’ll find 292 chips, a leather cup, five dice, and decks of cards from the Centotto collection. Place your bets, will this artisanal poker set be a hit with your family and friends?

4 Unique Gifts Made In Italy And Made For Fun Giorgetti Sl Club 002 Hr

Club – Photograph by Sergio Chimenti

2. Club Cigar Box

Looking for a gift for someone who seems to have it all or for an old soul? The Club Cigar Box exudes glamour, luxury, and intrigue, making it a stylish addition to the home. It could also be a treat for yourself. Just picture it in your library, game room, wine cellar, or formal living room.

The Canaletto walnut box can hold 75 cigars, protected by a glass lid with an integrated analogical hygrometer. Its internal static humidifier continues to keep conditions pristine. Giorgetti and Giancarlo Bosio thought of everything to create a cigar box of the highest quality, craftsmanship, and level of utility. They even added three compartments in the front to hold cedar matches, lighters, and cigar cutters.

Ensa Tie Enso

DIY – Photograph by Jose Limbert

3. DIY Puzzle

Everyone has a puzzle person in their life, or perhaps it’s you. And, this is a sophisticated and innovative reinvention of the delightful pastime. Giorgetti’s DIY Puzzle is both a game and an ever-changing decorative piece. Instead of having one correct result, you can continuously use the fumé methacrylate and Canaletto walnut tiles to make new designs within the expansive box.

Infinite geometric patterns can be achieved, so even when you’re not playing, DIY’s shapes and rich tones will add elegance to your gathering spaces.

4 Unique Gifts Made In Italy And Made For Fun Giorgetti Sl 90minuto 002 Wr

90° Minuto – Photograph by Sergio Chimenti

4. 90° Minuto Foosball Table

Giorgetti has outdone themselves with this piece, transforming the beloved and nostalgic game of foosball into a fresh work of art. Named 90° Minuto, it’s a present people will be talking about and using for years to come.

The table’s curved basin in extra-clear crystal is supported by the legs and frame made of wood, then covered with saddle leather. The masterfully designed knobs match one of the foosball teams, both employing a unique Pau Ferro wood. Giorgetti then used bleached ash to ensure the other team looks distinct and just as sharply dressed. Available in different colors, you can even customize 90° Minuto to your loved ones’ tastes or your home aesthetic.

4 Unique Gifts Made In Italy And Made For Fun Giorgetti Showroomlentate 2021 155 Montecarlo

Montecarlo – Photograph by Simona Pesarini

Gift-giving isn’t all fun and games, but it can be with these exceptional leisure pieces made in Italy. They’re bound to bring joy to even the pickiest person on your list, but don’t forget to get yourself a little something this holiday season as well.

To shop these new items from Giorgetti and find more pieces you’ll love from the 2021 collection, visit www.giorgetti.eu.