5 Eco-Friendly Design Decisions in Time for Earth Day

Help save the planet one step at a time.

There is no doubt that homeowners are looking for an overall trendy and stylish design. However, this often excludes eco-friendly decisions. While remaining on trend is important to many, it is also imperative to consider eco-friendly options for the sake of our planet’s health. So, why not have both? Here are five ways to design a trendy space while taking Mother Earth’s well-being into consideration.

Photographs by Peter Murdock


Plants are a great way to liven up a space while helping the environment. Especially, those picked from your personal garden. They bring a natural sense of serenity to any space. It’s important to note that plants also improve the air quality of any room as well as the earth’s atmosphere. As people spend more time at home, greenery is a simple way to bring the outdoors in. Potted plants are functional and serve as an additional design component.

Bobby Mcalpine Interior Design

Photography by Simon Upton


As cottagecore takes the stage, the demand for vintage and pre-loved furniture has skyrocketed. Purchasing vintage furniture gives new life to forgotten pieces while keeping them out of landfills. In addition to being an eco-friendly option, vintage finds create a sense originality and bring a refreshing personal flair to any style.

Home Tour Honfleur France Designer Christophe Delcourt E

Photography by Gaelle Le Boulicaut


A fresh coat of paint adds interest to a room without having to purchase a replaceable piece of decor. However, certain wall paints are no eco-friendly. One of the most harmful and common components found in paint include VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Many popular paint brands such as Benjamin Moore offer low or zero VOC paint options. Opting for a low VOC paint reduces air pollution inside and outside of the home.

contemporary wood paneled kitchen with island and bar stools

Photographs by Tria Giovan


Floor-to-ceiling windows are consistently trendy and sustainable. This design allows ample natural light to illuminate a space. There is a prominent reduction in electricity use and the sunshine produces all the warmth you need. Large windows also allow for ventilation while merging the outside with the indoors. Since sizable windows are always in style, this feature is utterly timeless.

Kieran Kinsella Wood Table And Stool

Photograph courtesy of Kieran Kinsella


Let’s talk about reclaimed wood. First and foremost, reclaimed wood reduces deforestation, which continues to plague our planet. Choosing reclaimed wood also results in decreasing major landfills. Accoring to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, landfills received 12.2 million tons of wood in 2018.

Not only is reclaimed wood saving the planet, however it’s aged appearance turns a space into a beautiful work of art. There are plenty of ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your designs through customized panels, furniture, and beams. Make a statement in your home and aid the environment while doing so.