5 Things to Know If You Want a Year-Round Garden in NYC

Townhouse for sale at 9 East 81st Street, Photograph courtesy of Warburg Realty

When thinking of New York City living, the iconic greenspace that comes to mind is Central Park. However, many buyers are looking to have a garden or natural oasis of their own to enjoy. Whether you’re house-hunting in the City that Never Sleeps or selling and hoping to make your garden appeal to buyers during every season, there are some things you need to know. With input from real estate broker Lindsay Barton Barrett, here are kernels of wisdom so that you can create a year-round garden that stays visually appealing even during winter.

Listing at 81 Pierrepont, photograph courtesy of Lindsay Barton Barrett/Douglas Elliman

Planning is essential.

Work with a landscape expert to find plants that will bloom throughout the year. There are some stunning winter varietals that provide beauty all year long. Coneflowers and wintergreen boxwoods, for example, stay hardy through the cold temperatures and look beautiful in the snow.

Know what works with the neighborhood.

Some areas are known for specific plantings, for instance, Carroll Gardens is famous for fig trees. Once you get the lay of the land, you can pick the right plants for your home. Barton Barrett suggests trying other eye-catching trees as well. There’s nothing like a pop of color when fruit ripens or cherry blossoms bloom to brighten up a garden.

Be ready to invest green to create green.

Costs vary based on the scope of the work but assume investing around $4K per year in your outdoor space. Some of the necessary yard maintenance consists of spring and fall cleanups, turning on and shutting down the irrigation, pruning, and wrapping trees for the winter.

Recently sold Brooklyn home at 47 Irving Place, photograph courtesy of Lindsay Barton Barrett/Douglas Elliman

Face the garden foes.

There are no large varmints in the city, like the deer that plague the ‘burbs but watch out for those crafty squirrels and raccoons. If you catch them sneaking in to nibble on your vegetation, there are natural repellants, such as planting things they don’t like, that can outsmart them. Stylish garden lights can also deter raccoons since they are nocturnal.

Find an incredible local garden store and enjoy it.

Barton Barrett adores GRDN in Boerum Hill. GRDN has a backyard that is full of mostly outdoor oriented plantings, all the tools you might need, mosquito repellent, and tons of planters, some even done by local ceramic artists.