5 Tips on How to Brighten a Room

It's not just the quantity of light, but rather the kind of light.
Geometric Lighting Circles

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Investing in quality lighting is more crucial than ever, as everyone is spending more time indoors.  According to Environmental Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant Lee Chambers, proper lighting has an impact on productivity, mental health, and overall wellbeing. Due to the massive increase in employees that are working from home, people are seeking more solutions to brighten their interiors. Here are some expert tips from Smart Lighting Industries’ CEO Julian Andriuta to make any space feel brighter, lighter, and more spacious.

Consider Color Temperature

According to the Kelvin Light Color Temperature Scale, there are three main light color options: warm light, day white, or cool white. Warm light creates a comforting atmosphere and is suitable for rooms such as the living room, bedroom, and dining room. In the middle of the spectrum is day white, which works best in more active areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. Last, is cool white, which is typically used in commercial or industrial settings. You can also use this color for task lighting to enhance productivity and improve concentration.

Standing Table Lamp

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Diffuse the Light

It’s often overlooked, however, that using multiple sources of less intense light improves the quality of a space. Diffusing light reduces shadows and glare while creating a luxurious feel. People often use LED strips and LED fixtures to brighten a room since they produce very bright lights, and add a diffuser to “even” the light output.

Look for the Right Light-bulb Moment

It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for the light bulb to get the best results from any bulb. To help reduce electricity consumption, measuring the lumen output will indicate how much electricity is being used. When looking for the right bulb, consider Smart Lighting’s new Evolution series bulbs which consume 50% less electricity than regular LED bulbs.

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Linear Lighting for a Natural Look

Natural-looking lighting is established through a combination of various angles and directions. To achieve a natural look, use as many linear lights as possible. Using linear suspension light fixtures will brighten a room as well as make a room appear larger.

Light’s Impact on Space and Productivity

Choosing the optimal light settings can improve productivity in offices and other workspaces. When properly pairing designer fittings with warm light, guests feel warm and cozy. Adding more light to brighten a room is simply the tip of the iceberg. Understanding the type of light is how to perfectly brighten a room and ignite the space.