5 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Art

Photographs by Marili Forastieri and tria giovan

1. “Wall sculpture and works that can be suspended from the ceiling activate a space and add depth to a collection.” —Ryan Wallace, Halsey McKay Gallery

2. “In my own home, I like to have gallery walls of small pieces and a really large picture that stands alone.” —Kathryn Markel, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

3. “I love when an artist creates an installation specifically for a residence.” —Tripoli Patterson, Tripoli Gallery 

4. “Install artwork that feels out of context for the space—it provides a unique voice.” —Eric Firestone, Eric Firestone Gallery

5. “Consistent framing helps a salon-style installation of diverse works come together.” —Sara De Luca, Ille Arts gallery 

And Keep in Mind . . . 

“Place UV filters on windows and skylights and maintain consistent climate control in your home. These are key to protecting works on paper.” —Terrie Sultan, director, Parrish Art Museum

“Cover artwork with sheets or dropcloths during the off months.” —Sara De Luca

“Use UV glass frames to protect your photographs.”—Tripoli Patterson