5 Ways to Get Organized This Summer

Wardrobe Refresh Summer OrganizationHow would you rather spend your summer: Outside enjoying the fresh air and sun, or inside searching like a maniac for your favorite bathing suit?

As a professional organizer in New York City, I often get called in after clients have tried different organizing methods and failed to go it alone. I specialize in decluttering and creating systems of organization that my clients will actually be able to maintain.

These systems are curated and tailored specifically for each client based on their specific lifestyle as well as their organizational wants and needs. Below, you’ll find five tips and tricks to get you ready for this summer season:

1. Wardrobe Refresh: With summer comes a change in temperature, which means it’s time to pull out your bathing suits, shorts and sandals. But where do you put them? Rather than putting away your entire winter wardrobe, I like to focus on the biggest items: when you remove your heaviest coats, sweaters and boots you create a fair amount of space.

If you have no other space for these items, I recommend using space bags and storing them underneath your bed. Once the air has been sucked out, your items will be significantly smaller as well as being protected and they can fit easily under your bed. This newly created space is perfect for your swimwear, sandals, shorts and everything summer!

Winter be Gone Tips2. Winter Be Gone: Yes, I know it’s almost summer but this is the perfect time to take a good hard look at your winter wear. You’ve just finished wearing these pieces for the season and this is the perfect opportunity to donate the items that you never wore during sweater weather as well as the items you never plan on wearing again. Your future self will thank you.

Bonus: The end of the season is the perfect time to clean winter wear: shoes, coats, etc. If you’re worried about having dust settle on rarely used items like a more formal jacket, try out shoulder covers instead of a bulky dry cleaner bag.

3. Road Trippin’: Because many people tend to go to the same place or on the same types of trips throughout the summer, thinking ahead will make your life infinitely easier. My suggestion is to make a list of all the items you will need for your trip and every time you pack, break out the list instead of creating a new one. It alleviates the need to go through the tedious task of figuring out what to bring every time. When it comes to packing clothing I like to use my body as a guide and go from bottom to top. Let’s start at the bottom. How many pairs of shoes will you need for the trip? Move up from there.

Bonus: Clothing that you’ll only use on trips can be put right back into the bag after it’s been washed and travel sized toiletries can stay put as well.

Kitchen Essentials Organization4. Kitchen Essentials: Summer is the perfect time to refresh your kitchen. Go through your spices and pantry items to see what has expired and make a decision about random spices you may have received as a gift and – let’s be honest – will never use. Summer is also the time for outdoor cooking and picnics so let’s make sure that your barbeque tools and plastic ware are front and center. If your slow cooker is in an accessible spot, think about giving it another home for the summer months to make space for summer kitchen items.

Garage Cleanout Tips5. Garage Clean-Out: Summer is the perfect time for a garage clean-out; rather than lugging all your stuff out to go through in colder temperatures, wait until it’s nice out and use your driveway as a place to spread out. Categorize items and take the opportunity to look for duplicates, items that are never used and those that are broken.

Depending on where you live and what you’re letting go of, drag items to the end of your driveway and mark: FREE! Summer is meant to be spent outdoors, not indoors frustrated about how disorganized your home is.

I hope that the above tips and tricks will help  you to live your most stress-free (and organized!) life. Come September when the weather turns, that’s when you can think about the bigger projects. For now enjoy the sun, waves and warm weather!

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