6 Major New Development Real Estate Trends That Took Off in 2022

Credit Is One Park Tower By Turnberry

Photography Credit: ONE Park Tower by Turnberry

New residential developments are constantly going up all over the world, often raising the bar for luxury and design in cities like Miami, London, and New York. In a year that saw a buzzing amount of new development activity, a few trends, in particular, stand out.

As these takeaways come into clearer focus, we’re walking you through 6 trends that have taken new developments by storm in 2022. Especially in warmer climates.

Active Outdoor Spaces

Credit Is Tal Aventura

Photography Credit: Tal Aventura

We can all agree that indoor isolation is something we hope to leave in the past. The need for exercise and vitamin D has resulted in buyers and renters searching for properties with active outdoor spaces. In a society that’s seen an uptick in wellness-centered, self-care practices, people are embracing the desire to get their hearts pumping and bodies moving. Green spaces are not only wonderful areas to get outside and exercise, but they’re a great way to build community.

Many designer buildings are focusing on creating verdant spaces, perfect for yoga and meditation classes, and developing trails where residents can run or bike accordingly. ONE Park Tower by Turnberry in North Miami has definitely embraced this, offering 37 acres of active and passive green space for its residents.

Pickleball Courts

Credit Standard Residences Midtown Miami

Photography Credit: Standard Residences, Midtown Miami

In addition to outdoor activity, one specific game has made a splash in this year’s trends. Pickleball has widely become a new favorite pastime, with many professional athletes and brands investing in its rise. High-end developers have taken note of the sport’s rapidly growing popularity and sought to include pickleball courts in their latest builds. The beauty of the game is that courts can be arranged both indoors and outdoors, which gives property layouts flexibility.

Many luxury structures like Tal Aventura and The Standard Residences have caught on to the trend. Fun for all ages, pickleball is certainly cementing itself among sports lovers and as a building must-have.

Flexible Living

Credit Lofty

Photography Credit: LOFTY

Restrictions and rigid contracts are deterrents for many renters as they embark on finding a new home. Projects with flexible living units are emerging to combat the set practices of the past, with around 4,000 of these units entering the Miami market. Fully furnished apartments designed with today’s fashionable furnishings as well as buildings with built-in Airbnb platforms make it easier for residents to plan for the future. This new trend of “shareconomy” properties, seen in buildings like Lofty Brickell, is a way to spread resources that targets a new generation.

Hotel Branded Residences

Credit Nomad Wynwood

Photography Credit: NoMad Wynwood

Many people would love the opportunity to make luxury hotel experiences an everyday treat and, for a while now, globally recognized hotel brands have been capitalizing on this. Numerous internationally renowned resorts have been opening residential buildings to accommodate their loyal visitors and offer people a permanent home at their properties. Prestigious first-class services that you won’t be able to find anywhere else are now at the tip of your fingers when you find yourself living amongst these lavish new builds. This trend, often offering hotel perks like room service, five-star eateries, concierge help, and more, just continues to grow.


Credit Is One Park Tower By Turnberry1

Photography Credit: ONE Park Tower by Turnberry

In warm coastal locations, radiant oceanfront amenities and buildings with these stunning water views have always delighted. Historic demand for waterfront units and dwindling inventory is making them harder and harder to acquire. So, residential buildings have found alternate ways to create more water views for residents.

Developments have started constructing private lagoons for this reason, offering high-tech waterfront facilities. A stunning seven-acre Crystal Lagoon was designed for ONE Park Tower by Turnberry. Equivalent to twenty-one Olympic regulation pools, the area offers paddleboarding and kayaking on top of a relaxing, private space to take a dip and soak in the Miami sun.

Family-Friendly Amenities

Baccarat Credit Is Related Group

Photography Credit: Related Group

Kid-centric amenities are a perk that many parents are searching for if interested in new developments. So, more than ever, developers are thinking of every member of the family.

The convenience of having an area devoted to your children’s enjoyment alleviates stress and gives the family a place to spend quality time together close to home. These types of amenities, which were once rarely seen in high-end buildings, cater to an entirely new demographic of homeowners and breathe life and realness into each building. Thoughtful playgrounds, learning rooms, and toddler splash pads are only some of the new advances we’re starting to see included.

Much like the carousel and carnival layout seen in the Baccarat Residences Miami, there is nothing too over the top for a building’s tiniest residents.