A Backyard Vacation

Design a backyard that's the perfect place for a staycation.


With travel restrictions in place and travel plans changing every day, it’s the perfect time to stay at home and use your vacation budget to add some love and smart design to your own backyard. Staycations have never been so popular and you can create a fun adventure for the whole family when you reimagine your backyard.


No matter how big your backyard, or how much covered or uncovered space you’ve got, there is potential to extend the natural footprint of your home past the interior walls. Consider your backyard, your side yard and even your front yard. Look for areas that could be cleared of brush or trees and extend your useable space all the way to your property line. Take advantage of every square foot you’ve got.

Whether you’re thinking of a lanai, a screened porch or simply a covered front porch, it’s lovely to have an outdoor space with a roof to protect you from the hot sun. Southerners have been enjoying the benefits of porches for decades and we all love a screened in porch to keep out pesky mosquitoes. Covered areas are a great place to relax so outfit them with deep seating pieces that’ll be comfortable for hours. If you can’t be at a luxe resort, you might as well make your space feel like you are miles away and enjoying a good rest.


There’s a big rise in outdoor dining so make space for an outdoor dining room that rivals your indoor dining room. Luxury pieces that have the same quality as indoor furniture are worth the investment. The same goes for seating pieces, luxurious outdoor fabrics and even outdoor AV systems to add mood music.


Every family is different, so think about building a space that is custom to your needs and family dynamics. A modular sectional can grow and change with your family and can create a resort like feel with plenty of seating space for you and your friends. Add fun touches like games (outdoor pool table, ping pong, bocce ball court) and practical touches like misters, bug zappers and even heat lamps for cozying up outside as the temperatures drop.

Flight Seating

Don’t forget to tie your new outdoor room together with accents and accessories. Outdoor spaces can be a fun place to experiment with colors and patterns and can be accessorized with all sorts of weather-friendly decor. Turn an outdoor space into a kids club with fun activities like puzzles, corn hole or sturdy board games. Or create a meditative space for adults to relax and play solitaire with a good old fashioned pack of playing cards. It’s the little things that will make you feel like you are on vacation.

Whatever your situation or backyard, there’s never been a better time to focus on family time and making your outdoor spaces feel like a 5 star resort.

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