A Behind-the-Seams Look at Fall’s Most Fabulous Fabrics

Gradient Hues
1. Thibaut’s Etosha Embroidery in gray, #W736123. 2. Thibaut’s Juniper Ogee Embroidery in Aqua, from the Caravan collection, #W764108. 3. Lelievre for Stark’s Topo Flanelle. 4. Pollack’s Knotty in Storm Cloud, #3029/01. 5. Weitzner’s Contour in Charcoal, #T1030/03. 6. Liora Manné’s Wrapped Boxes in gray, from the Lamontage collection. 7. Scumacher’s Serenissimo velvet, #68670–68672. 8. Fonthill for Stark’s Castellina in Granite. 9. Black Edition’s Loma in French Grey, from the Astratto collection, #7671/02. 10. Designers Guild’s Pashan in Granite, from the Indupala collection, #FDG2190-04. 11. Kravet’s Modern Elegance in Silver Cloud, #32076-21. 12. Kirkby Design’s Komet in Jet Black, #K5106/02. Blue vase, Anthropologie. Square appetizer plate, CB2. Ashwood ball, Dovecote. Tape, Celine in Slate, Cowtan & Tout.

Splash Of Lime (above; at left)
1. Rubelli’s Twill in Smeraldo, #30097-11. 2. Oscar de la Renta for Lee Jofa’s Le Leopard in Emerald, #2012148-3. 3. Peter Fasano’s Bamboo Grid in Lime on Sand, #BG2. 4. Jonathan Adler for Kravet’s Anacapri in Paradiso, #32165-530. 5. Black Edition’s Elasona in multi, from the Astratto collection, #7664/03. 6. Bart Halpern’s Fanfair. 7. Rubelli’s Vague in Tiglio, #30089-08. 8. Lulu DK’s Claude in Kelly Green, #65001-06. Paint, Churlish Green, Farrow & Ball.

Kelly Couture (above; at right)
1. Rubelli’s Kiki in Giada, #30087-05. 2. Holland & Sherry’s Mad Hatter in Kelly, #DE12850. 3. Hill Brown’s Annis Check in Aqua/Citron, #HB124-9. 4. Sanderson’s Manila in Green/Ivory, #DVOY223278. 5. Designers Guild’s Pashan in Grass, from the Indupala collection, #FDG2190-03. 6. Jim Thompson’s Tibetan Maze in Emerald, from the No. 9 collection, #2152/04. 7. Hill Brown’s Rousseau in Lettice, #HB414-3. 8. Loro Piana’s Shamina in Peridoto, #AS1007. Tassle, Toscana Leather Key Tassle in Chartreuse, Samuel & Sons.

My Blue Heaven
1. Beacon Hill’s Fuji in Navy. 2. Mark Alexander’s Kaleidoscope in Klein Blue, from the Haven II collection, #M408/04. 3. Chivaso’s Just Like, #CH2812/050. 4. Black Edition’s Viridis in Topaz, from the Astratto collection, #7661/01. 5. Mount Vernon for Fabricut’s Martha’s Moire in Federal. 6. Missoni for Stark’s Provins in Turquoise and Amethyst. 7. Holland & Sherry’s Brummell in Oxford Blue, #DE12958. 8. Eileen Kathryn Boyd for Duralee’s Odyssey in Bluejay. 9. Designers Guild’s Gavanti in Cobalt, #FDG2193-03. 10. Rubelli’s Vello D’Oro in Blu, #30085-14. 11. Holland & Sherry’s Quilted Shells in Oceana, #DEII487/Q. 12. Cowtan & Tout’s Nile in Lapis, #11243-02. 13. Jim Thompson’s Lhasa in Indigo, from the No. 9 collection. 14. Rubelli’s Modern Art in Lapis Lazzulo, #30058-05. Glass, Two Tone Tumbler, Terrain. Agate knob, Anthropologie. Tile, Indigo Wave, Ann Sacks.


Tangerine Takeover
1. Black Edition’s Zelva in Henna, from the Lorentz collection, #7650/04. 2. Lelievre for Stark’s Glyphe in Papaye. 3. Zinc’s Tamara in Cantaloupe, from the Runway collection, #Z303/01. 4. Ankasa for Beacon Hill’s Crawford Bead in Marigold. 5. Loro Piana’s Mogador in Paprika, #A3668BRS. 6. Clarence House’s Marston in Orange, #34674-5. 7. Mount Vernon for Fabricut’s Courtship in Orange Blossom. 8. Cowtan & Tout’s Nairobi in Coral/Sand, #11249-3. 9. Dedar’s Bukara, #2037106. 10. Black Edition’s Byzantine in Clementine, from the Xanthina collection, #7571/03. 11. Diane von Furstenberg for Kravet’s Funky Zebra in Sunset. 12. Holland & Sherry’s Lowlands in Tangerine, #DE12729. Tassle, Toscana Leather Key Tassle in Pumpkin, Samuel & Sons. Square appetizer plate, CB2.


Yin & Yang
1. Black Edition’s Kassite in Indium, from the Astratto collection, #7678/01. 2. Schumacher’s Zorio Velvet in Ebony, #68460. 3. Groundworks’ Malatesta in Onyx, #GWF-3316. 4. Gastón Y Daniela’s Santona in Onyx, #GDT5066-004. 5. Elizabeth Eakins’ India Rose in White/Indigo, #EE5108H/01. 6. Lelievre for Stark’s Frivole in Blanc. 7. Fabricut’s Olea in Black & White. 8. Dwell Studio for Robert Allen’s Carys in Ink. 9. Edelman’s Link, Painted by Selvaggia Armani. 10. Pollack’s Knotty in Saddle Shoes, #3029/03. 11. Designers Guild’s Joduri in Noir, from the Indupala collection, #FDG2194-03. 12. Kelly Wearstler for Groundworks’ Currents Silk in Ebony/Oatmeal, #GWF-3112. 13. Diane von Furstenberg for Kravet’s Spotted Cat in Kohl. Pin vase, Lillian August. Miniature chair, handmade, Thos. Moser.


Fresh Squeezed
1. Black Edition’s Luiza in Mimosa, from the Astratto collection, #7663/03. 2. Sahco’s Alfredo, #2612-06. 3. Duralee’s #36239 in Yellow. 4. Kravet’s Hits The Spot in Lemonade, #33042-40. 5. Clarence House’s Treillage in Yellow, #34511-3. 6. Black Edition’s Floreale in Mimosa, from the Xanthia collection, #750/03. 7. Hill Brown’s Rousseau in Lemon. 8. Dedar’s Why, #2501/05. 9. Alamwar’s Ikat in Tumeric. 10. Dedar’s Basquette. 11. Hill Brown’s Annabel Stripe in Gold/Sapphire. Moroccan square dish, Lillian August.


1. Joseph Noble’s Grotesque in Pretty, #2200-03. 2. Joseph Noble’s Skinth in Wallaby, #2650-06. 3. Madison Interiors’ Calf Strie in Gunmetal. 4. Harlequin’s Trezzini, #130990. 5. Selvedge Handwoven’s Caracas, #12-07A. 6. Jim Thompson’s Cananga in Pearly Gates. 7. Harlequin’s Trezzini, #130993. 8. Zinc’s Clipperton in Mercury, from the Nomad collection, #Z195/05. 9. Harlequin’s Aurelia in Oyster, #HBLV130966. 10. Madison Interiors’ Crocodile, #2053. 11. Harlequin’s Eglomise Shell, #HBLV130987. 12. Candice Olson for Kravet’s Kinase in Pear. 13. Rubelli’s Venier in Ossido, #30082-13. 14. Edelman’s Night Life Sulky in Silver Streak, #NLS2. 15. Zinc’s Jacopo in Chartreuse, from the Jacopo collection, #Z370/18. 16. Edelman’s Rattlesnake in Gold, #R01. Frames, White Gold (top left) and Yellow Gold (bottom right), J. Pocker. Brass snake letter opener, Dovecote.  Necklace, Dovecote. Desk accessories, CB2.


Purple Reign
1. Highland Court’s (a Duralee company) Franz in Lilac, #190217H. 2. Tassinari & Chatel for Stark’s Mansart in Amethyste. 3. Selvedge Handwoven’s Zip II, #13-09A. 4. Castel’s Bosco in Violet, #7108/08. 5. Sahco’s Verdi, #2617-05. 6. Scion’s Shibori in Amethyst, #NSPI120319. 7. Schumacher’s Liore Jute Stripe in Amethyst, #68693. 8. Clarence House’s Borghese Velvet in Aubergine, #34710-4. 9. Old World Weavers’ La Foltiere in Lavender Plum. 10. Designers Guild’s Marlena in Plum, #FWY2207-01. 11. Duralee’s #36224 in Amethyst. 12. Sanderson’s Capuchins in Boysenberry. Amethyst votive, Dovecote. Paint, Pelt, Farrow & Ball. Fringe, Ajoutée Tiered Glass Fringe, Samuel & Sons.


A version of this article appeared in the October 2014 issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens with the headline: Band of Colors