A Contemporary Kitchen Where High Design and High-Performance Meet

From beginning to end, collaboration was key in creating a spectacular space that fits the clients' needs exactly.

Creating spectacular spaces requires attention to every detail. Working hand in hand with each and every artisan, installer and manufacturer of the very special finishes, fixtures and furnishings that make extraordinary spaces come alive is essential.

A Kitchen Built On Collaboration Jeff CroppedJeff Eakley, senior designer and director of new product development at Bilotta Kitchens was given carte blanche to design a kitchen filled with the finest in domestic and European details. Eakley, part of the Bilotta Kitchens firm for over 40 years, wanted to complement the state-of-the-art cabinetry with leading-edge appliances. “When we were gathering insights from this particular client one of the most important components of the space was the appliances,” said Eakley. “Their “wish list” included multiple cooking, cooling and prep areas and they wanted high-performance along with high design. It was clear that Gaggenau appliances were going to be part of the design package. We called our long-time appliance partner, Royal Green, to introduce the Gaggenau portfolio. When our client saw the line she was knocked off her feet.”

“It was a joy to be a part of this project,” said Rob Satran, CEO, Royal Green. “We’ve partnered with Bilotta Kitchens for over 20 years. The Bilottas are artisans. For this project we were able to participate in the creative process, anticipating how best to bring forward the right appliance solution. We look at the specifications and symmetry of the space to see how best to align all components. Gaggenau offers a very special, avant-garde product. It’s modern and high end and it speaks to the customer. Working hand in hand with the Gaggenau tech team we ensure every detail is considered.”

The joy of this dramatic space is found in every detail. The magic of a meticulous collaboration between the designer, manufacturer and installers — working hand in hand, attending to each and every article — created a kitchen that delivers perfection, beginning to end.

To learn more about Gaggenau appliances, visit Royal Green or find a showroom near you at www.gaggenau.com/us/visit-us.