A Kitchen Designed to be Family Friendly

A family of four (plus 2 sweet dogs) gets a brighter, workable kitchen.

The family of four and two dogs that inhabited this kitchen found their previous layout lacking on all levels. The ’80s design was cramped and dark, with a tiny island and limited counters. In addition, a poorly placed staircase and powder room chopped up the tight space. High on the family’s wish list was efficent storage, ample work surfaces, room to bake with their two young daughters and a mudroom. The homeowners enlisted the help of architectural designer Judy Larson of Judith Larson Associates to enlarge the footprint and create a more functional kitchen. Designers Stephanie Sigg, of CD Interiors, and Madeline Hane, from Larson’s office, helped the homeowners select furnishings and fabrics.

Larson bumped up the square footage, relocated the stairs and powder room, and swapped out the tiny island with a formidable replacement in honed granite. The kitchen now boasts plenty of counter space with multiple locations for the family to gather. Laid out in two basic zones, the new layout provides an area for food prep and cooking and another for clean up. Larson addressed everything on the wish list, including the coveted mudroom, a breakfast room, a wine bar, a pantry and the family’s “command central” for charging devices. There’s even a designated feeding station for the dogs, Pippa and Trixie. The result is a larger, brighter, workable kitchen that the whole family now enjoys.

A Print version of this article appeared with the headline: All Things Considered.