A Sneak Peek into a Connecticut Bakery Filled with Holiday Treats


Rows of handmade pies, cookies, tea breads, muffins and, at this time of year, gingerbread houses line the glass cases at Michele’s Pies in Norwalk, Connecticut. Owner Michele Stuart learned to bake from her Italian grandmother, who never measured ingredients, relying on memory and instinct. When starting out as a baker, Michele promised her grandmother: “I’m going to make your pies famous.” With 33 first-place awards from the National Pie Championships, multiple TV appearances and two national bestselling cookbooks, she has honored that promise. “I hear so often that my pies are just like my grandma’s,” she notes. “It seems that my pies definitely tie into people’s childhood memories. It’s the old-fashioned, very traditional way to make pies.” A love of baking is being passed along to the next generation. “My oldest son, Dakota, loves to learn and be a part of the excitement at the bakery,” Michele says.

What’s this baker’s favorite thing to make for the holidays? “Of course, I love to make the pies, but there’s something about Christmas and cookies,” Michele says. “I love to put together cute Christmas cookie platters and such.”