A Taste of Italy at Il Pastaficio

Federico Perandin brings the authentic flavors of Italy to Connecticut.

Federico Perandin and his band of talented chefs (many from Italy) are turning out some of the most authentic Italian specialties in Connecticut at Il Pastaficio.

Il Pastaficio uses genuine, natural and healthy ingredients imported directly from Italy. Its products include premium-quality pasta made with antique grains such as tumminia, biancolilla and perciasacchi. These are rich in mineral salts and vitamins, but also lighter and easier to digest thanks to their low glycemic index levels.

Il Pastaficio also produces daily a line of gluten-free pasta, entirely organic and made with 100 percent pure legume flours, including chickpeas, beans, lentils and peas. I love them all, but am particularly taken with the spinach ravioli with a wonderful tomato sauce; my husband craves the lasagna. 

For the online menu, go to ilpastaficio.com.