Add a Mediterranean Flair Into Your Hamptons Summer Garden

Eight plants that will bring a bit of Provence to the East End.

There are hundreds of perennials that look like they’d thrive only in the hot dry climate of the Mediterranean, but many are workhorses in East End gardens, too. Often sporting soft gray leaves and striking flowers, they give standard-issue hydrangeas a run for the money.


  • Most plants featured here prefer dry conditions and require little irrigation.
  • Leaves on many dry-weather plants often have gray shades and a fair amount of hairiness, which makes them unattractive to deer.
  • A gray foliage garden can potentially look too gray, so be sure to choose plants that flower at different times to perk things up.
  • If you prefer to experiment with annuals first, try dusty miller, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’, and silver sage to see how their shimmery tones work for you.
The print version of this article appeared with the headline: Toujours Provence.