After The Threshold

In this upcoming exhibition and recently released book, composite images become "stories" for the viewer to linger on and interpret.

Throughout her career, Sandi Haber Fifield has worked with multiple images to create narrative pieces that transcend the formal elements of photography confined to a single moment. Analytical and feminine, sensual and composed, contained yet freely borderless, Haber Fifield has shown us that the world is filled with more wonder than any one picture can capture. The artist’s third monograph, After the Threshold (Kehrer Verlag, April 2013), portrays a world of fractured ties between images made whole through the lyrical free-associative visual reasoning of a seasoned artist well schooled in the effects of collage. The works are accompanied by an essay written by renowned photography critic Vicki Goldberg.

Goldberg writes: “[Haber Fifield’s] sequences, leaping through illogical hoops, revel in ambiguity, yet they cohere in mood and tone, much the way a piece of music does when the same key persists while melodies change. The clues to coherence are subtle: compositional elements recur, color plays nuanced games, and each sequence projects a consistent range of feeling.”

Sandi Haber Fifield will be exhibiting photographs from her newest publication at ARC Fine Art LLC (, 3113 Bronson Road, Fairfield, September 12–October 25. The artist will be speaking about her work at the Westport Public Library (, 20 Jesup Road, Westport, on September 17 at 7:30 p.m.