Alisa Carroll in Conversation

SFC&G Editor in Chief Alisa CarrollTo celebrate the one-year anniversary of SFC&G, we sat down with Editor in Chief Alisa Carroll for a live Facebook Chat. Here, an archive of what went down during our discussion.

Hi Alisa! We have some questions for you. Congratulations on SFC&G’s first anniversary! Can you share a few highlights of the launch year?
Thank you! I’d have to say its really been the opportunity to dive deeply into conversations on the page and in person with the amazing designers, architects and artists here. (And our opening party at the Battery penthouse wasn’t too bad. 

Next question. What do you think are some of the most exciting design developments in the Bay Area right now?
In interior design, I'd say in addition to the world-class work being done by leading San Francisco icons, it’s exciting to see the next generation of interior designer emerging. All of the talents our A-list designers have nurtured are now launching their own studios and bringing new voices to the industry. It’s also a really vital moment in architecture in the Bay Area, so much so that we devoted our entire Feb/March issue to it. We have extraordinary thinkers like Mark Jensen, Luke Ogrydziak and Zoe Prillinger, Thom Faulders and Andrea Cochran, and next generation talents like Brandon Jorgensen—we’re excited to be featuring his first solo project in our June/July issue! And art of course feeds everything, so its inspiring to see new gallery districts emerging, and such substantial development in the museum community—from SFMOMA to the new Berkeley Art Museum, the new Anderson Collection museum, the new CCA Wattis space, the restoration of 500 Capp Street…

Speaking of the next generation, Where do you look for new talent?
Everywhere! Its totally a grassroots effort – I’m always out scouting for new design and product in every corner of every neighborhood in the city and beyond. As an editor you never stop looking, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. We also have fantastic events here that showcase new talent, from the Decorator Showcase to art fairs like Art Market and Fog.

With all of this great work and all of these fantastic events, how do you decide what goes in each issue of the magazine?
It emerges organically from what’s happening in San Francisco – we are always immersed in conversations with local interior designers, product designers, architects, artists and beyond about what they’re creating. Its really a privilege to get to visit their studios and workspaces and get an intimate view of their processes.

Next question, How involved are you in each issue?
Check my shoes– On any given day, I might be tromping through the foundation of a house that’s under construction or meeting with a designer in their impeccable offices. I’m totally hands-on with every step of the process – from selecting product for our Cultivations section to scouting homes. Its an adventure!

It certainly is! What can we expect in the second year?
Our June/July issue hits stands in a week – it’s all about cool summer in San Francisco and features fabulous projects by Heather Hilliard, Jay Jeffers, Brandon Jorgensen and Bernard Trainor. September is our Fall Style issue, focusing on interiors with understated glamour—the quiet glamour San Francisco does so well—and October will again be our Art Issue.

You’ve lived in San Francisco for 10 years, what are you still discovering in SF?
There’s always another layer. I’m always surprised to find something new, a designer or artist or tradesperson below the radar who is doing extraordinary work, like a stonecarver or woodworker or painter.

We're almost out of questions for you, Alisa Carroll. Thanks so much for lending us your time. Just a few more…Who are your style and design icons?
I loved Andrée Putman for the strength of her personal and interior style, but ultimately my style icon is Georgia O’Keeffe. You know – just put on a black schmatte and go!

How would you describe your personal design sensibility?
At the magazine, we love to cover the whole range of styles and sensibilities. For me personally, I saw a poster last week that I think says it all: Black. Grey. White. Repeat.


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