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A clean white kitchen gets upgraded with luxurious accents

Beauticul white kitchen
White Magic | The bar stools around the large island (ABOVE) are from Fishers Home Furnishings in Sag Harbor.
Way Cool
| “While a wine fridge isn’t essential,” says Bakes, “it’s certainly a desirable kitchen feature.” This butler’s pantry (BELOW) features appliances from the Electrolux ICON line.

Photos courtesy ElextroluX

Q&A with Robert Bakes, president and CEO of Bakes and Company, Sag Harbor

Butler's pantryThis kitchen is almost all white. How did you give it character and definition?
The accents—interesting hardware, beautiful cabinetry— are very important. Walnut is my favorite wood species. It has such a wonderful color, texture and grain, and it adds instant warmth and subtlety to all the white. In the future, I think we’ll see more colored accents within cabinetry, and more mixing and matching with wood species.

What advantages are there to having a large island like this one?
Large islands hold the room together and create a fulcrum for the various activities centered around the kitchen. From preparation and storage to cooking and cleaning, the kitchen is a social center; it encourages people to become part of what’s happening in the kitchen, and not be just spectators.

How do you incorporate wine fridges into kitchen designs without them seeming garish or over-the-top?
Wine coolers are increasingly common in high-end kitchen projects these days; as a general rule, we try to include a butler’s pantry in our kitchen designs, which is the ideal place for a wine fridge. In general, though, they aren’t difficult to integrate into any kitchen. However, you want to buy a quality model that will work with most configurations.