All Tucked In

Q&A with architect Antonio Citterio, designer of Arclinea’s SPATIA kitchen.

SPATIA kitchen by Antonio Citterio
Places, Please | The streamlined SPATIA kitchen boasts inventive storage solutions.

What was your thought process behind this design?

Custom walk-in closet by Antonio Citterio
Walk-ins Welcome | Taking advantage of every last inch of space, the walk-in closet can be tailored to the needs of the homeowner to include areas for laundry and other necessities. ”

The kitchen used to be a purely functional space, but over time it has become the social heart of the home. We previously worked on designing larger kitchens with big houses in mind, always keeping the idea of families spending time together as a focal point. With SPATIA, linking the kitchen to the living area is still the central focus, but we have implemented rotating doors that practically become part of the walls. These can be used even in small apartments, so you can have kitchens that are an integral part of the living area with the added benefit of being invisible when not in use.

Why design this kitchen in the first place?

Whether big or small, kitchens need to deliver top performance. People are demanding kitchens that fit seamlessly into their homes and adapt to every household need. In this design, functional and technical elements are fully integrated; the hood, for example, is camouflaged as part of the ceiling.

Describe some of your storage solutions.

The walk-in closet, sort of a hybrid between a broom cupboard and a laundry, allows users to house everything in a small space. We’ve also just recently introduced the option of adding a laundry that can be a part of a bathroom, tucked between the kitchen and the living area.