American Icons: Bilotta

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Bilotta Kitchens has been a provider of luxury residential kitchens since 1985.Started by Jim Bilotta, Sr. in 1985, Bilotta Kitchens has been a leader in residential kitchen projects for three decades. Family-owned and run by siblings Jim, Maria and Regina Bilotta, the company is one of the most respected American firms of its kind, renowned for exquisite products, unrivaled services, and superior craftsmanship. Bilotta began with their Mamaroneck Avenue showroom and has since evolved into an international brand in three locations with a combined 10,000 square feet of showroom space including one in the Architects & Designers Building in Manhattan. The Bilotta siblings, plus a remarkably talented team, were a perfect mix from their start 30 years ago. Each with their own backgrounds and strengths and a common belief in family and hard work, they turned their “kitchen cabinet business” into a “purveyor of lifestyles for the heart of the home.”

Bilotta has set a high standard of performance for its employees. “Surround yourself with the best in the field and everything else will fall into place,” says Regina Bilotta. The firm has always attracted the highest quality design and production staff in the industry. Their broad cabinet range, reflected in a wide variety of styles and budgets, is the answer for single family residences and multi-unit developments alike. Their own unique line of cabinetry, “Bilotta”, handmade to exacting standards with exquisite detailing, is a favorite of the trade, specified by architects, designers and builders for custom homes and developments. Also offering cabinetry from many other fine manufacturers, Bilotta provides solutions to all residential cabinetry needs. Bilotta’s reputation has brought it international work. 2015 found the firm installing luxury kitchens in a custom home development at The Peak in Hong Kong, ocean front estates in Bermuda, and 82 stories into the clouds at 30 Park Place in lower Manhattan with157 kitchens. Already slated for 2016 is a 56-unit luxury condo development in Bronxville, NY. In the planning stages is a specialty wedding resort on Florida’s West Coast.

Bilotta Kitchens is renowned for its exquisite products, unrivaled services and superior craftsmanship.Bilotta’s partnerships with other industry leaders have helped fuel a constant drive for design research and development, to meet the growing needs of their clients as well as Bilotta’s own demand to remain on the cutting edge. Tile, stone, fixtures, lighting, appliances and furniture from leading manufacturers enhance Bilotta’s showrooms and help create living environments to excite and inspire Bilotta’s clients. Bilotta and its partners are in it together with one common goal: to create something beautiful, timeless, classic and functional
for their clients.

Bilotta Kitchens has been a leader in residential kitchen projects since 1985.Like all luxury brands, Bilotta believes in luxury service — their team’s design and execution meets the highest level of expectations. Their reputation is built on trust — they trust each other and their partners and in turn garner the trust of their clients. Their reward is creating kitchens for three generations of the same families and they plan to keep doing so for decades to come!