American Icons: Elizabeth Eakins Inc.

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The Teff Collection from Elizabeth Eakins Inc.Living with Elizabeth Eakins rugs and fabrics is an intimate experience. Handmade with a care for natural fibers, each artfully crafted piece is designed to endure. From its origins as a pencil sketch, to the dyeing of fibers by watchful eyes, the human touch is ever present. Beloved for their richness and simplicity, the colors of Elizabeth Eakins rugs and fabrics evoke the phenomena of natural light and organic form.

Born in 1978, Elizabeth Eakins Inc. has nearly four decades of experience crafting artisanal luxury. Revered among architects, designers and homeowners alike, Elizabeth Eakins products fill homes across the globe with elemental refinement. From the light-filled studio in Connecticut to the open farmland in Kansas, natural beauty is a primary inspiration for the extensive collections of rugs and fabrics available through Elizabeth Eakins Inc. The expert team has also released an exclusive collection of fabrics with Holland & Sherry, another way to experience nature’s elegance. 

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