American Stories: Bilotta Kitchen & Home

A kitchen by Bilotta with Jenny Wolf Interiors.Bilotta has been a leader in residential kitchen projects for more than three decades. Founded by Jim Bilotta Sr., the second generation siblings, Jim, Maria and Regina Bilotta, now own and operate this 35 member company known as one of the most respected American firms of its kind. Renowned for its exquisite products, unrivaled service and superior craftsmanship, Bilotta is favored by architects, designers, builders and homeowners around the world. The firm’s original Mamaroneck, NY showroom remains its headquarters with additional locations in Manhattan’s Architects & Designers Building and Mount Kisco, NY.

A Bilotta kitchen with Carol Kurth Architecture & Legacy Construction Northeast.At the core of Bilotta’s success is its award-winning design team. Bilotta sets a high standard of performance for its employees. “Surround yourself with the best in the field and everything else will fall into place,” says Regina Bilotta. The firm has always attracted the highest quality design and production professionals in the industry. Bilotta claims their second key to success is the broad range of products at their disposal. They offer a wide variety of styles and budgets to satisfy the needs of single family residences and multi-unit developments alike. Their own unique line of cabinetry, Bilotta, is handmade to exacting standards with exquisite detailing. Also offering cabinetry from many other fine manufacturers, Bilotta provides solutions to all residential cabinetry needs. Used since 1988 for luxury multi-unit single family home developments throughout the tri-state area, Bilotta’s kitchens are now featured in Manhattan high-rises, such as 30 Park Place, and international developments, including The Peak in Hong Kong.

A Bilotta kitchen at One Sixty Madison with philip Koether Architects.Bilotta’s partnerships with other industry leaders have helped fuel a constant drive for design research and development, to meet the growing needs of clients and Bilotta’s own demand to remain cutting-edge. Tile, fixtures, appliances and more from leading manufacturers enhance Bilotta’s showrooms and create living environments to excite and inspire.

A Bilotta kitchen with Villafane Design LLC.Bilotta believes in luxury service and, to that end, provides production and execution to meet the highest level of expectations. Their reputation is built on trust and their successes can be measured by their large referral business and by creating kitchens for three generations of the same families.