An Inside Look at Giorgetti’s Inspired & Innovative 2021 Collection

Collaborating with top designers, the Italian brand just launched their latest furnishings.
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Giorgetti 2021 Advertising Campaign – Photograph by Giorgio Possenti

For 123 years, Giorgetti has been mixing hand-crafted and technological methods to create innovative furnishings that bring solutions to the home. Beautiful in design, made in Italy, and offering incredible functionality, their contemporary pieces grace luxurious spaces all over the world.

Recently, the high-end brand launched the Giorgetti 2021 collection just in time for Paris Design Week and Milan Design Week. Now, here’s a peek into two parts of the extensive collection.

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Aldìa tables – designed by Carlo Colombo – Photograph by Sergio Chimenti

Meet Aldìa

With pandemic times bringing many people to more fully and frequently embrace alfresco spaces, creating a striking collection of outdoor furnishings was a must for Giorgetti. Tapping architect Carlo Colombo, Aldìa was born.

Giorgetti has worked with Colombo on collaborations for 10 years, but this is the designer’s first outdoor collection with the brand. Versatile and stylish, it is a complete system of furniture that can be used inside and out. The typical elegance of indoor environments, made of research, careful design, and precious materials, also conquers the outdoors. Designed to last, the furnishings employ substances like wood, waterproof fabric, travertine fragments, and marble dust.

“I wanted this first outdoor project for Giorgetti to be something special both for me and for the company,” shares Colombo. “Each piece in the collection is unique and holds a precious heritage: The humanity of those who have worked it with passion and dedication.”

From the Minds of M2Atelier

Once again engaging the studio M2Atelier, Giorgetti offers a new array of tables, chairs, and accessories in 2021. M2Atelier’s founders, designers Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic, have a world-renowned aesthetic that can be found in superyachts and top hospitality destinations. Or, with this collection, in your very own home.

Together, M2Atelier and Giorgetti produced three new signature pieces, so say hello to the Elsa armchair, the Tie chair, and the Ensō table.

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Elsa Sketches – designed by M2Atelier

The Elsa armchair, a tribute by the M2Atelier designers to the late Elsa Peretti, is modern and light. A perfect balance of opposing forces, fullness and emptiness, it is defined by its walnut frame, which comes in natural, grey, and dark wood. Keeping it simple and sleek, a metal frame then supports the backrest.

With a more formal look, the Tie chair is ideal for glamorous yet comfortable dining rooms. The slit in the back, harkening to haute couture, brings a refined wow factor. “Miss Tie is carefree and elegant: she is always well-dressed and fashionable, with her dress falling to the floor and a tailored cut-out at the back. She looks good in company, but also on her own,” say the designers.

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Ensō table and Tie chair – designed by M2Atelier – Photograph by Simone Pesarini

But, what to put these chairs around? The Ensō table, of course. Taking inspiration from thousand-year-old philosophies of Asia, the table radiates tranquility and minimalism. Ensō means “circle” in Japanese, a shape with deep meaning rooted in Zen Buddhism. It symbolizes illumination, infinity, and the absolute universe.

Made of wood and available with a circular or elliptical top, the Ensō table is sculptural and elegant. The central leg is upholstered in leather, while the top can display walnut, mahogany, or leather inserts.

Explore The Inspired Innovative Giorgetti 2021 Collection Giorgetti Showroomlentate 2021 158 1080

Photograph by Simone Pesarini

Each collection Giorgetti creates introduces unmistakable style, embraces new ideas, and ultimately, provides interior solutions for the home. For example, both the M2Atelier and Aldìa lines are easy to update over time or renew after an unforgivable spill. The fabric or leather cushions have removable covers that can be changed for an instant new look.

And, this is just a glimpse of the exciting pieces Giorgetti launched this summer. Be sure to explore the entire Giorgetti 2021 collection.