A Westport Kitchen Gets a European Redesign

Interior designer Stephanie Rapp creates a kitchen for an active family.

Photography by Raquel Langworthy

When this international family moved from China to Westport, their local Realtor introduced them to interior designer Stephanie Rapp. The couple (the husband is from Germany; the wife is from Spain and passionate about cooking for their two school-age boys) brought a European perspective to the kitchen design, requesting easy-access shelving and drawers that function for active cooking.


To create a whole new look, Rapp closed off a door leading to the dining room and on that wall installed a counter, drawers and shelves enclosed by sliding glass doors. “We like to call that area the ‘gallery,’” says Rapp. “It’s the ultimate balance of form and function in that it creates a beautiful display for dishware and accessories, while also providing a convenient beverage prep zone.” The family prepares coffee here in the morning, and in the evening, the gallery becomes a wine station, with a beverage refrigerator behind it creating a drink-prep triangle with the counter peninsula.

Open shelving and drawers were incorporated throughout the kitchen. Rapp was even able to gain drawer space under the sink by placing the faucet to one side. The end result is a beautifully personalized space that reflects the clients’ modern, global aesthetic and is functional for their active lifestyle.

A version of this article appeared in CTC&G with the headline: A Global View.