An Interview with CTC&G Editorial Director D.J. Carey

CCT&G Editorial Director D.J. CareyWhy did C&G Media Group decide to do a showhouse?
Three reasons: It is a fundraising opportunity, in this case for Operation Hope; it is an opportunity for the local designers to promote their work; and it works to inspire the visitors that come to see the showhouse.

What excited you the most in this showhouse?
First and foremost the wonderful architecture of the house, secondly I was ecstatic to see that color and pattern is back. A lot of designers chose rich color palettes. It was really exciting to see.

Did you have a favorite room?
I found favorite elements in each room. I loved the blue peacock paint in the library; it reminded me of the Peacock Room in the Smithsonian. Hiding the Realm designed sound system behind the wallpaper in the dining room was ingenious. The fresh color palate of the living room, along with the way Charles Pavarini gave the illusion of height—wrapping the wall color over the trim and onto the ceiling—was a fantastic trick-of-the eye. Krista Fox’s covered porch felt like an interior room. Her use of artisan furniture and accessories was perfect. I thought the way two of the designers made an extra bedroom, normally used as guest bedrooms, into sitting rooms. It’s a great idea for empty nesters, which don’t necessarily need the extra bedroom. The kitchen and bathroom designers kept the rooms classic but used an interesting mix of material, which I loved. And the Venetian plaster in the living room and master bedroom was excellent.

What is it about Venetian plaster that you like?
It adds another textual elements to design and gives whatever room it’s utilized in a sense of age. The Venetian plaster adds a patina that usually isn’t there with paint.

Which room would you say is DJ Carey?
Kene Geme’s guest bedroom: it’s classic with bold moments. That’s who I am. Also my favorite color is red and I liked how the red was controlled with a pallet of blues.

New and Innovative from the Designer Showhouse on the Green

"Decorist reflects the way we buy products today. Christina Murphy never saw or stepped foot in the library before she designed it; it truly was a virtual decorating project. Normally, after receiving the plans from a Decorist designer, the homeowner would buy the products referenced by the Decorist designer. In this case, design team Safavieh took the place of the homeowner and contributed inventory to emulate the world of products Decorists would have to choose from. It is truly marvelous to see the room in its completed state."-C&G Media CEO, Marianne Howatson, with a few words on Decorist

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