Andre Kreft of Savor Fine Foods LLC Bakes Holiday Cookies with Natural Ingredients from Local Suppliers

A few years ago, Connecticut native Andre Kreft returned to his roots after spending his adult life in California as a graphic and visual artist. He moved to Litchfield County and founded Savor Fine Foods LLC, trading in a color palette for a taste palate. With an enthusiasm for life and all things pure, beautiful and delicious, he now bakes and sells cookies that have unusual and nontraditional flavor combinations. These happy little morsels are all made with love and natural ingredients from local suppliers.

Did you always bake? No, I studied printmaking in school and became a graphic artist. After my eyesight changed and I could no longer do my art, I changed my palette to taste color. I adapted. And isn’t food the art of all the senses?

Where do your flavor inspirations come from? All sorts of things—nature, weather, history, food flavors from other cultures, and people. For instance, Black Ice is based on the climatic phenomena of invisible ice. Naugatuck was inspired by the terroir of Connecticut and from chewing on black birch bark while hiking in the local forests.

Which of your cookies will you give for the holidays? I would definitely give any of the chocolate ones. Krakatoa is chocolate, cardamom, orange and black pepper. Black Ice is chocolate, candied lemon peel and hot pepper that comes from Tom Salemme in Cheshire. 

Which cookie would Santa choose? I think Santa would prefer a Naugatuck. It’s a bracing cookie made with dried cranberries and ingredients from Connecticut: birch beer extract from Avery’s Beverages in New Britain and maple syrup from Crowhill Sugarhouse in Northfield.

When you’re not baking cookies, what do you love to do?
Simple things like admiring nature and having the time to dine leisurely for hours and laughing with friends.

A version of this article appeared in the December 2014 issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens with the headline: A Taste Revolution.