At Home With Gaggenau

Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven; Conventional Oven; Warming OvenWe joined Connecticut-based designer Kelly Mittleman of Kelly + Co. Design in a newly-renovated Greenwich kitchen designed by Boffi to get cooking with Gaggenau's 400 series ovens. 

Where do you find your inspiration? 
"I think inspiration is everywhere — from fashion to food to fabric…and architecture…even lifestyle…I can see a dress and look at the fabric and color and envision a room as a result. I can eat a great meal and look at its presentation on the plate and see colors and symmetry…I love looking at architectural styles and thinking about how people live, how the windows let in light and how the space feels. Inspiration is everywhere. Thoreau says it best, "It's not what we look at but what we see.'"

What are the key elements in designing a functional yet beautiful kitchen? 
"Places to put stuff! We don’t want junk all over the place…it totally ruins the vibe! When a space feels cluttered, no one relaxes. Less is absolutely more." 

Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven; Conventional Oven; Warming OvenHow has your kitchen designs evolved over time? 
"I think it's best not to be so taken with trends. Buck the trends. Be your own innovator. If you like color, forego the white kitchen. If you like a big workspace, create an island as a centerpiece, use cool materials here. You don't have to match woods to metals anymore." 

How does technology influence kitchen design? 
"I think everyone wants to hang in the kitchen. So put a Smart TV in there. No shame in that! Watch YouTube while you cook and hang out. Buy stocks while you sip wine. Tech is cool in the kitchen now. I have a big flatscreen in mine and I love it!"

Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven; Conventional Oven; Warming OvenWhat’s the key to personalizing a kitchen to each specific client? 
"I ask tons of questions. Coffee? Tea? Do you like wine? Do you bake? What kind of lights do you like? I love lighting and think you can have a whole experience with sconces and pendants. People need to love their kitchens and you have to give the people what they want. However,  I do like to nudge them to see a new way of looking at design as well."

From top to bottom: Gaggenau Combi-Steam Oven; Convection Oven; Warming Oven