Aussie Designer David Flack

Learn more about his contemporary interiors that reference a variety of design eras.


Photographs by Sharyn Cairns

WHO: From a young age, Aussie native David Flack was exposed to the building trade via his family’s construction company. “I was always a creative kid,” recalls Flack, who hails from Bendigo, Victoria, a gold rush town about 95 miles northwest of Melbourne. “Starting around the time I was three years old, I would create different spaces in my cubby house on a weekly basis.”

WHAT: Contemporary interiors that reference a variety of design eras, while fearlessly integrating opposing colors and materials—“classically twisted,” as he likes to say. “There’s always an unexpected element in my work.”

WHEN: Upon receiving an interior design degree in 2009 from Melbourne’s Swinburne University, Flack landed a job with Australian designer Kerry Phelan. Although at one point he had planned on an eventual move to London—his sights were set on working for Ilse Crawford—he found himself staying put in Melbourne, where he established Flack Studio in 2014. “I never anticipated going out on my own,” says the designer, “but when I did decide to set up shop, I knew that I wanted the studio to be quintessentially me—my personality, my philosophies, and my dreams.”

WHERE: Flack has a number of commissions across greater Melbourne in the works, including a home featuring ultra-custom details, furniture, and lighting, a three-story Italian-style speakeasy bar and restaurant, and a sprawling residence for a design-loving art collector.

WHY: “Design can really be life-changing,” says Flack. “I love to watch how clients grow throughout the design process and then walk away with a greater level of understanding.”