Author: Anne Giordano

This is the perfect New England getaway for those who don't see lobster rolls as just a delicacy, but a lifestyle.

Built in the 1500s as a monastery, this would be quite a romantic Valentine's Day gesture for someone with deep pockets.

It doesn't take a Francophile to appreciate this beguiling, gold-trimmed home with some modern surprises.

If Elsa from 'Frozen' lived in the 21st century, the icy palace she created may have looked much like this glass stunner.

Here, one can spend summers amongst the hydrangeas and quiet, tourist-free winters by the fireplace.

If only one place could earn the title of "paradise," it might be this lush Kauai property.

For those who love a good project or a good period drama, 14,000-square-foot Browne’s Hill House is #goals.