Author: Anne Giordano

Over the last few decades, the global superstar carefully created a show-stopping U.S. home base that was especially useful while touring.

Celebrities are just like us, right? See which of your favorite stars have been adjusting their pricey real estate portfolios lately.

The sellers, who own a design store nearby, have spent more than 10 years elevating and curating their circa-1940 Litchfield County home to give it maximum charm.

Sheathed in tales ranging from Scottish clans to the Crown, this moody and remote property is sure to provide a new owner with some lively dinner party material.

The expansive, 17,559-square-foot residence was built for the Grammy award-winning musician in the 1990s and has kept getting more luxe ever since.

If after watching shows like 'Gilmore Girls' or 'White Lotus' you have interest in becoming a hotelier, this neutral-toned paradise might be for you.

Roughly 10 years ago, the renowned architecture firm helped the sellers create this fashionable vacation home that embraces earth tones.

Looking for a home in this global fashion and design capital? This residence renovated in 2018 is a delicious find.