Author: Anne Giordano

Known for its pink sandy beaches, the island has long been a popular vacation destination, but it is no easy feat for a non-Bermudian to buy a home there.

"When New Yorkers, and visitors from around the world, walk through these spaces when they reopen, it will be a revelation," says Mahan of elements now restored to the original architects' vision.

Situated on the same affluent stretch that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write 'The Great Gatsby,' this five-acre estate dating back to 1915 is full of dramatic details.

Known as the person who revitalized Gucci and Bergdorf Goodman, Mello's Manhattan home matches the traditional opulence of the brands she worked with.

The fairytale spread with gables and boxwoods sits on a mountain crest endlessly overlooking wine country.

This new construction modern might give nature-loving buyers all over the world something to think about as they long to visit foreign lands again.

It's always been important for homeowners to pick the right agent to list with, but there are new things to consider amidst COVID-19.

Whoever turns the page of a new chapter for this circa-1886 Brooklyn townhouse will certainly be lucky.

The fictional city King's Landing from 'Game of Thrones' was filmed nearby, but this futuristic home is a far cry from its stonewalls and tall towers.