Author: Charles Hobbs

Interiors full of character, amenities for every interest, and natural beauty define this luxurious country home.

Close to the Swiss border, this winter paradise is uber-pricey but offers some eye candy to inspire your future European travels.

From starting the video series 'Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man' to hosting 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose' this past year, the rising star now has a new home where he can unwind and recharge.

Built in 1953, this hilltop stunner long home to the "Einstein of the Oceans" appropriately has a clear view of the sea.

Originally built in 1926 by Roger Bullard, Ellery S. James House has been in the couple's hands for almost 30 years.

Some may see a spaceship when they look at this home, others a secluded sanctuary, but it is without a doubt a stellar real estate opportunity.

Created and now sold by developer Joe Farrell, the amenity-packed property once served as a rental for Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The visionary, known for restoring the Statue of Liberty and for having clients like Bill Gates, masterfully transformed this Manhattan structure.

Built in 1906, the storied waterfront compound was designed for a banking family and rivals the mansions of Newport.

One in the mountains and contemporary, one by the water and traditional, these homes display two sweet tastes of the beautiful state.

The historic property can be sold in its entirety or in eight lots, but the 13th-century castle is undoubtedly its crown jewel.

Its current caretakers still experience spooky happenings today, renting it out to paranormal researchers and booking tours for the brave who wish to check it out.