Author: Charles Hobbs

This marvelous structure, dating back to the 1800s yet rebuilt and restored by the seller, has been a famous luxury rental and photoshoot location for years now.

A principal of the award-winning firm Drake/Anderson, the seller executed a ravishing renovation after acquiring the home, and now a buyer will reap the rewards.

Built by the Hopes in 1939, the restored property has traces of the star's legacy everywhere—including a one-hole golf course he created.

It's been over a decade since the U.S. Marshals sold off the beach house, and since then it has been completely renovated by its high-profile owners with help from architect Thierry Despont.

Built in 2018 by a couple in pursuit of their ultimate vacation home, it's a feat of design and luxury with plenty of bedrooms for summer guests.

Originally built in 1958, other notable architects have added to the property to make it a modernist's dream compound.

Created by Gleason in collaboration with renowned architects Bobby McAlpine and John Sease, the designer's home has never changed hands before.

Now that the sale ($141 million when you add fees) is officially moving forward, the saga of this 105,000-square-foot megamansion's time on the market is coming to a close.

Eco-conscious design choices, such as the use of reclaimed French oak floors, make this home stand out on the luxury Connecticut market.

This is one of the largest and most expensive listings at a cutting-edge development on 12.8 acres in the city, formerly a military base.

Renowned for his work in Big Sur, this is the chance to own the late innovator's most personal creation in the area.

This hillside haven, spread across two stone farmhouses and nearly 15 acres, has aged like the finest of Chianti wines.