Author: Photographs by Costas Picadas

In the quiet enclave of Snedens Landing, D’Aquino Monaco makes quite a stir.

Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, Marcia Tucker’s home serves as a backdrop for living.

A gut renovation created spaces that harken to the past, but live in the present.

John Bjørnen was hired by the owners to imbue the structure with personality and vitality.

Decorator Fawn Galli puts a pretty polish on a 1,300-square-foot workroom in SoHo.

Says the designer, "It's quirky, organic and totally charming."

Every space is a potential dance floor in this house that's constantly filled with hustle and bustle.

Interior designer Laura Michaels established an ambience filled with royal hues and a bit of sparkle.

Switching houses is an essential part of the equation for those who find the summer social swirl simply too much to take.

For a couple seeking an airy escape from the urban crush, a Southhampton barn gets a chic, modern makeover.

A native son imbues a classic Southampton home with idiosyncratic collections and eclectic flair.

A Buddha water fountain marks the formal entrance to the house, at the end of a long, winding drive.

Badass New England is not the terminology normally associated with the design style for a home, especially one in Cornwall. But it is the oxymoron interior design Fawn Galli conjured when talking about the unlikely blend of antiques, contemporary furnishings, French textiles and a color scheme that boldly pairs salmon walls with eggplant wainscoting that breathed new life into an 1830s farmhouse.