Author: David Masello

Everything arrayed on Debra Goldstein’s table gleams, since all of the utensils are made of vintage silver plate, salvaged from some of the most iconic hotels in New York, London and Paris.

What was once a traditional home within a traditional neighborhood, is now one with interiors that feel decidedly contemporary and young thanks to Alisberg Parker Architects & Interior Design.

While every family house has its own character, this residence has its own sound.

For Johnson's family, blue signifies happiness, not moodiness.

In a vertiginous West Chelsea condo, interiors and art achieve new heights.

A dream team of interior designer Anthony Baratta, floral designer Tommy John Bader, and landscape architect Janice Parker made the house shine inside and out.

The owner of this coastal Connecticut residence has dialogues with her rooms; the conversations direct her interior design.

For her own family’s home, interior designer Linherr Hollingsworth goes bold, while maintaining serenity and comfort throughout.

A former stodgy duplex finds a second life thanks to decorator Elizabeth Pash.