Author: David Masello

A former stodgy duplex finds a second life thanks to decorator Elizabeth Pash.

"Less color means a greater emphasis on texture. Plus, the quality of the furnishings and artwork stands out," says homeowner and project decorator Simon Kneen.

A gut renovation created spaces that harken to the past, but live in the present.

Baratta is not afraid of color—and any client who hires him can’t be either.

Once they found their new house in Ridgefield, Craig and Erin Dempster devised a family motto: "Nothing comes with us."

Dave Cote and Chris Chervenak are serious collectors, but they don’t always take their collection seriously.

Every house comes with a history, even brand new ones.

On October 16, at Rockefeller Center’s famous Rainbow Room, NYC&G presented its fifth annual Innovation in Design Awards (IDAs), celebrating the best regional projects in the categories of architecture and interior, small space, garden, kitchen, bath, and product design. The finalists had been selected just a month before by our distinguished panel of judges—architect and designer Alison Spear, textile designer Judy Ross, and interior designers Caleb Anderson and Matthew Patrick Smyth—who convened at the Country Floors showroom in Manhattan to sift through dozens of submissions. Read on to see who took top honors.