Author: Photographs by Durston Saylor

Tour a stunning oceanfront home featuring extensive renovations.

On the outside, it looks like a traditional Cotswolds cottage—ivy included—on the inside, it’s anything but.

Every house comes with a history, even brand new ones.

Dumitru wanted to highlight and celebrate the keen visual interest that can come by simply looking at what's out there.

Flawlessly blended with the existing structure, a stunning addition delivers a library, gallery and screening room to a Greenwich estate.

Enter, stage left, a barn; now a two-bedroom, one-sleeping-loft guesthouse with sweeping views overlooking the lake and a striking amount of open space. “They wanted a place where guests would feel comfortable, and not like they had to perform,” Bartle says. “And they wanted to do it economically and in such a way that they could take advantage of the view of the lake.” Because the couple didn’t have a specific look in mind, Bartle and his design partner Ken Lake started from the social and moved toward the aesthetic, keeping in mind both the spoken and unspoken requirements.

Interior designer Susan Zises Green updates a historic home with the next generation in mind.

A coastal connecticut residence is built to accommodate a treasured collection of Creil pottery.

Through a unified design concept, the architect successfully transforms a 1950s brick Colonial into a simple, functional and exquisitely beautiful home

Lofty and filled with light, this 1901 townhouse on the Upper East Side looks anything but old-fashioned

An imaginative waterfront design creates a private family sanctuary.