Author: Photographs by Ellen McDermott

The dark palette and marvelous decor bring this Woodbury home to life.

The owners of luxury lifestyle store Plain Goods were the perfect pair to find this home and bring it back to life.

Take a look at what to do in Savannah during our recent adventure.

Celebrated interior designer Charlotte Barnes is the latest to take up our “New Mix Masters” challenge at Avery & Dash Collections.

A collaborative effort results in a stylish and seaworthy design.

Spring has already sprung for this installment of our “New Mix Masters” series.

Using only items he could find within the 23,000 square feet of period furnishings and decorative accessories at Avery & Dash Collections, Wolf designed an alluring office space.

“The house is all about color,” says designer Lynn Morgan. “My client wanted to give it a big wow, and she wasn’t afraid to take the bold steps to get there.”

Eakins filled the apartment with her favorite pieces, adding in layers of textiles, wallpapers and rugs of her own creation.

Ashley Whittaker brings her signature “neo-traditionalist” style to Avery & Dash Collections.

For this edition of our quarterly “New Mix Masters” series, Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller used a lively mix of styles and colors.

Once they found their new house in Ridgefield, Craig and Erin Dempster devised a family motto: "Nothing comes with us."

When Gaggenau presented Bistro 1683 at GrayBarns on the Silvermine River earlier this season, it was the first event ever to be held in the barn which sits adjacent to the Tavern.