Author: Mindy Pantiel

In a deft juxtaposition of contemporary elements with traditional pieces, Vicente Wolf brings out the best in design.

A sensitive rebuild successfully blends styles in a beloved retreat.

Landscape designer Brian Grubb adopted a metaphorical approach that likened the panels to trees in an orchard.

Throughout the spaces, the furnishings feature a mindful melding of textures, shapes and designer Kevin Dumais’ signature genre blending.

Successfully swapping a London townhome for an elegant Greenwich estate required extensive renovations and updated interiors for 21st-century living.

The designer’s abilities to reconfigure, reorient and rearrange resulted in all the puzzle pieces coming together in a relaxed and welcoming cohesive whole.

“Designing this space felt a little like doing an HGTV special,” says architect Ken Pursley, musing about the challenge he and interior designer Bronwyn Ford faced in transforming this Vermont house.