Author: Miranda Agee

Behind a traditional shingle-style façade, designer Nathan Thomas creates an unexpectedly elegant yet earthy design.

Darci Hether grew up in north country—Anchorage, Alaska—and moved to the sunnier climes of Costa Mesa, California, to attend design school at Orange Coast College. “I lived in California for 13 years, but I always had an urge to move to the East Coast,” says the decorator, who made the switch in late 2001. “There is so much history in New York—I just had to be around it.”

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A Brooklyn native, Raine Heidenberg gave up acting to pursue a career in interior design. Her projects are kept eco-friendly but without comprising her chic design style.

Gabriela de la Vega turns workaday beads into beautiful baubles in her mini jewel box located in Bed-Stuy. De la Vega keeps a passel of vintage jewelry in her studio, which provides inspiration for her own bedazzled works.

Tillett is the mastermind behind the part art installation, part illuminated map that is This Way, a series of fiber optics and glass light bulbs that hang near the pedestrian entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge on the eastern side.

Sophistication meets approachable in the interior designs of Jennifer Beek and Georgie Hambright.

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After two decades of creating swishes and sirls for some of the Hamptons' most exclusive events—from benefit galas to intimate dinners—the ink still hasn't run dry for calligrapher Linda Pasca.

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When Fell starts planning for an event, she always extracts a common theme. The menu, color scheme, location, and lighting all play a role in the direction Fell takes for her beautiful floral arrangements.

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Retired surfer dude Pete Harwood proves there's more than one way to ride the waves. Harwood has always lived by the water building surfboards. He no longer builds surfboards for riding but rather surfboard-shaped sculptures.

Victoria Findlay Wolfe is one of Ameirca's top quilters, but she's hardly the bespectacled grandmother one might expect. Working out of her East Hampton home some might call her the "it girl" of the modern quilt movement.

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Jack Youngerman has a specific process that brings his paintings on smooth rocks to life, taking the time he needs. With over 60 years of success there’s no need for change.

Paul Vogel likes to take his time on a project. Journals, photo albums, and rare book restorations are all specialties the bespoke bookbinder offers, but his favorite of all is creating a book from scratch with just some paper, needle and thread.

A former fashionista who worked as a visual merchandiser for Ralph Lauren, takes a stylish approach to the world of interior design.

Since moving to the United States from Ecuador 13 years ago, designer Angel Naula has been making furniture the only way he knows how: by hand. Naula is a master at creating furniture suited to urban living, often incorporating storage compartments into everything from oversized tufted sofas to diminutive side tables.

Based in a bright and airy studio in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, Lotta Jansdotter's Scandinavian print empire includes hundreds of different products such as stationery, dresses, ceramics, and now Glimma, a new fabric line with Windham.

In his Dumbo studio, Christopher Pourny sticks to old world techniques when cleaning and refinishing antique and vintage furniture. Pourny's work ranges from antique restoration to period finishes and custom reproductions.
“Here I am, French, from the other side of the ocean,” recalls Pourny. “I realized I must have done something right to be given this job!” The son of antiques dealers, Pourny was exposed to the world of rarefied furniture early on, while he was growing up in the South of France. “As a kid, I was mesmerized by high-gloss finishes—they would drive me crazy. I always wondered how it was done.”

Alexandra Pappas and Tatyana Miron of Pappas + Miron have been best friends since childhood. "We had the good fortune of being exposed to design early on," says Miron, who remembers the girls always tagging along with their mothers on flea market sprees throughout their native Connecticut.

A high-end furniture consignment boutique in Chelsea

Colombo started experimenting with fire in fall 2001. "I was sitting on the beach in front of an empty fire pit," she recalls, "and the wood was all wet. I thought, If only I could just hook up the gas from my house and flick on a bonfire..."

In Long Island City lies Patrick Townsend's cavernous workshop where the designer makes intricate light fixtures. Ironically enough, the century-old headquarters of Townsend Design was originally a light bulb factory...

A SoCal native and Parsons School of Design graduate, McPhail moved to New York 14 years ago to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming an interior designer. With recent projects in Brooklyn and downtown, McPhail mixes West Coast and East Coast vibes...

Taft visited an old mill in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and stumbled across thousands of vintage silk screens. She saved the screens from an untimely demise and commissioned the factory to use them to make her 16-pattern fabric line, Living Vintage...

Raleigh, North Carolina native Lindsay Hair followed her dream by opening her own decorating firm in Manhattan in 2008. Her aesthetic is marked by comfortable elegance and strong silhouettes, always reflecting her client's personality.

When it comes to decorating Amanda Nisbet is no stranger to a bold color palette. She prides herself on using the power of colors and textures to set a room's overall mood and feel.

When a family was looking for a weekend escape they turned to Mac Patterson to create their ideal home outside of the city. Modern interiors were their main request and the deck and dock combo overlooking the pond was an added feature to the property.