Author: Nancy Lewinter

Called Cascade Villa for its unique pool set up, this gem is designed to deliver every luxury in the most beautiful setting.

With idyllic Central Park views and 24/7 hotel perks, this lavish residence is like a Manhattan fairytale.

This piece of paradise offers a breezy island lifestyle with modern extravagances like a helicopter pad, all in a tax neutral location.

Clocking in at almost 25,000-square-feet, this mansion right on the water would make an incredible winter escape.

Filled with dreamy amenities like a hot tub with a warming hut, this Vermont estate is the ultimate getaway.

Situated in a quaint town near NYC that celebrities famously love, this stunning 16-acre property is a luxurious retreat.

With almost 9,000-square-feet of renovated interiors and an incredible location, it doesn't get much better this.

Holding its own nightclub lounge, this property seems destined for glamorous Cannes Film Festival after-parties.