Author: Photographs by Peter Murdock

A revamped 1955 ranch in Manhasset gets its groove on for the 21st century.

Who better to design the 65th-floor model apartment in New York’s most talked-about building? Decorator Tony Ingrao was up for the challenge.

Walls of slatted wooden louvers and floor-to-ceiling glass delineate a sleek getaway in the Amagansett woods.

For multidisciplinary artist Beth O’Donnell, the world reveals itself in black and white.

In Chelsea, a textile designer and her architect friend expertly meld the old with the new.

An 1840 cottage in Locust Valley is brimming with old-world charm—some of which is surprisingly new.

The contemporary apartment is perched high in Tribeca's 60-story Jenga-like skyscraper, 56 Leonard.

Architect Mary Burnham plunges into a deceptively simple, yet deeply thoughtful new build near Mecox Bay.

Just as Michael O’Neill’s portraits keep artifice to a bare minimum, so does his home.